Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Tuesday morning

(This picture has nothing to do with this post, but I just love it, and I haven't posted pics in a long time!)
I was up late last night. Now I'm tired. :(

So many things on my to-do list too. Like going to Costco to buy some things, including soap, which we are out of. (Poor Kevin went off to work today smelling like vanilla bath gel! Ha!) My kids need baths, there is laundry to deal with, a bunch of stuff I cleaned out of the van that I need to put/throw away (nothing like a roadtrip with four kids to generate a lot of junk)...on top of, you know, feeding my kids breakfast and lunch. :)

Do I sound overwhelmed? I feel that way. I think we'll benefit SO much next year when we have a child in school and therefore more structure built into our lives. Although I have to say I've loved these quiet, lazy years of just being a mom to my kids, schedule-free. (Okay I guess I can't say they were TOTALLY lazy, I mean I do have four small kids!)

A sweet friend from church is wanting to bring us dinner tonight, what a blessing! Then later Kevin and I will watch the debate. Surely it won't be as entertaining as the last one (because Sarah Palin's not involved), but it should be amusing just the same. Mostly because Obama's such a great orator, and McCain gets so annoyed, and for some reason I find the whole thing hilarious. :)

Also hilarious is the fact that I ate a bunch of M&Ms while writing this post. At 9:30 in the morning. Wow. That is just sick. And less hilarious--the fact that Kaitlyn just got into my makeup.

Happy Tuesday!!! :)


jen said...

Hee hee! That's funny about the vanilla bath gel. We ran out of soap the other day too and i hadn't even realized it, until i hear my husband yell from the shower, "Um, babe? We're out of my man soap and i don't think you want me smelling like this lavender girly stuff you've got in here!" :)

joy said...

i have always liked you brianna and now i like you more. m&ms in the morning?! you're my kind of girl. i have been known to crack a soda at 9:30, shameful--I know.

life can be overwhelming. i'm glad to know that i'm not the only one who goes through times of feeling that way. maybe some more m&ms would help?:)

Brianna Heldt said...

heehee joy, you bet i had m&ms in the morning!!! and while i haven't done it in awhile...in high school, i'd often drink a can of cold dr. pepper on my way to school! here's to soda and all manner of sugar in the morning!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'll warn ya... having a kid in school 5 days a week gets old reaaaaallly fast. The 2-days-a-week thing I can handle, but putting all four into the car that early every morning and putting all four into the car every afternoon got to be too much. And of course the day I allowed the 3 non-schoolaged kids to stay in their jammies, I was asked to meet with the teacher in her room. Perfect timing! :)

darci said...

mmm, just so you know, the little mini M&M's in the baking aisle are even BETTER! :) hang in there. what did I hear once..'the days drag by and the years fly by'..some days do just feel like they last forever.

Anonymous said...

Hey Brianna,

Your children will remember the good times you've had together, the love they received, not whether the housework was done or that they had clean clothes to wear. These are things that YOU remember! Trust me, these are necessary realities of life - but take the pressure off, Girl!

Sitting on the other side of the fence (my children are all grown up now and living lives of their own) I would gladly pass up having a perfectly clean house (which I have plenty of time for housework now)for one more day with my children playing with their toys in the living room - cookie crumbs on the floor, a dirty kitchen table; just one more day of having my children small again and the joy and fun we shared when they were that age! Enjoy every moment - it goes WAY too fast!


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