Sunday, October 05, 2008

Sunday church musings

So I'm going out on a limb here and saying that I think--I THINK--we are maybe starting to feel more at home in the church we've been going to since we moved here.

Finding a church is really, really hard. So many variables, no place is perfect, not to mention there are two of us needing to agree on somewhere! Plus, the city of Denver doesn't really have that many churches for how large it is. Yet we feel like if we're living in Denver, we should be attending church in Denver (ie, not driving to the suburbs for church.)

ANYway, the church we THINK we might be settling on is really great in so many ways, but a new experience for me in others. I have never attended a church that has membership or is a denomination before. (This one is RCA.) I would say it's the least conservative/Baptist-y church I've attended. Lots of other differences too. But I'm loving having the kids in with us during worship time, the fact that they get a blessing during communion, and honestly, the liturgy stuff is awesome. I LOVE having these responsive reading-type thingies, following the church calendar, singing the doxology every single week--we've even incorporated that into our dinnertime prayer and our kids love it.

We have yet to attend the membership class or anything...I feel so noncommittal about becoming a member at a I'm signing my name in blood or something! But we won't go to a church for years without becoming members, that's just silly. :) The people we've met there are really nice, and I've started going to the mom's group that meets every other week. (As in, I've gone once.)

The last church I attended, I was there for 10 years. Prior to that, I'd been at my church for 18 years. Starting over is hard. BUT, God is faithful, and He is God, no matter where we are!!!


Kristen Borland said...

yeah, it's a huge step, but exciting too. we became members at our new church a year ago july. never been a member anywhere before, having grown up at grace. but we love it. glad you are at least enjoying worshiping some place new, even if you don't commit yet. :)

Jacquelyn said...

it's always hard to change churches and after you are no longer a "newcomer" it's hard to find your place. I hope you guys can get plugged in right away!

Amy said...

Church searching is hard! Glad you found one possibly though! We love our church and have been there for awhile. We recently started thinking we wanted to find a church that was more racially diverse though... we visited churches for a few months and ultimately decided not to leave. It is HARD starting over!

So, I am going to link your blog now and stop pretending that I don't read it regularly. :)
Amy from Ethiopia or Bust

Brianna Heldt said...

Jacquelyn, I think you're right--once you're not really "new" anymore, that's when it's hard, trying to find your place.

Amy, I'd LOVE if you linked to me, because I read your blog too and need to put up a link!!! Churches are still so, so segregated. I used to have dreams of finding a racially diverse church, but honestly, it just doesn't usually work that way. and not even always for "bad" reasons, it just is what it is. (different religious denominations, etc.)


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