Monday, December 15, 2008


A friend of mine just posted this on her blog. I love what Dawn has to say about creativity and independence. (And her kids are really cute! :) )

The degree to which I care about how people see me affects how I parent. And I think it is so wise to give kids the freedom to express themselves in this way. ALL FOUR of my kids are SO different from one another...including my twin sons...and I want my home to encourage and enhance their individual personalities and differences, not suppress them. I don't want four little Heldt clones running around! Kevin and I decided really early on that our goal as parents is NOT to mold our children into who WE think they should be, or into people just like us. Instead we want to take who Jesus made them to be and train them up to be the best they can be. Anyway, I just really loved what this post had to say and thought I would share!

Here are a few pictures of some "interesting" getups that Anna has come up with over the past few years (I suppose this is more in the category of "dress-up" as opposed to choosing an outfit for the day...but you get the picture. :) ):


Alicia said...

Oh, this post speaks to me! My Cailey-girl chooses some of the most horrible outfits. Just today she wore bright pink cowboy boots (a gift from G-ma), mauve colored knit pants, and a navy blue top! I learned a long time ago that she takes great pride in her outfits and to critize them only crushes her spirit. Yes, Cailey was that little girl in the grocery store wearing her princess dress-up outfit (tiara and all) and "clippity-clap" shoes and fifteen hair barrets because she "did her own hair". Sometimes, I will offer her a suggestion, but she usually does her own thing no matter what I say. I love, love, love her free spirit! I am always aware of the scorn and nasty looks from other parents ~ apparently, my letting Cailey express herself with her clothes is an indication that I let my children control our lives...or something like that ~ yes, someone said that to me once. I am just the type that doesn't care that much about what people say. Who is she hurting? Nobody!!! She is good, sweet, helpful, a friend to all, creative, and smart...and so much more. So, just smile and take pictures of those outfits! You can use them later when they are teenagers!!!!

Mama Mote said...

I like what Dawn said as far as "battles". Yes, you choose your battles. And it doesn't stop at the ages of your kids. My teens got into coloring hair and pierces. The colored hair we went along with, so we saw colors I didn't know were they are pretty much back to their natural colors. As for the piercings, we decided that ear piercing was okay, but anything else, they had to wait till they were 18. Once they hit 18, Danielle did get her tongue pierce. But, Liz, decided not to get her belly-button pierce. She didn't even get her ears pierced. And she married a great Christian guy who HATES piercings. He may let her get her ears pierced, but that's it. Now tatoos are another thing. So have I encouraged you????

Dawn said...

Thanks Brianna for the shout-out! You are so sweet, and your kiddos are ADORABLE also!Watching my young children grow has also been such a learning process for me in accepting who God has created me to be. I have always been a creative, expressive person, but have gone through seasons after becoming a believer of trying to "fit-in" which was something I have never been really good at:)But to be true to mt kids I am learning I also need to model that.Thanks for the wisdom Mama Mote! Part of this post was inspired by a young lady we ran across channel surfing who had such an amazing presence and annointing that I could not stop watching her perform worship: Her name is Joy Whitlock cute as a button (tatoos, piercing and all) and my husband (who is the more "appearance conservative guy")said "if any of our daughters have a heart for the Lord like this gal, they can have as many tatoos and piercings as they want". It's all about the heart isn't it?

The Fearnsides said...

Brianna, I just love your parenting style!

I decided early on that I wasn't going to try and dictate what my children wore (other than making sure they were appropriately dressed for the weather and on special occasions). It's the one area where they can have some freedom from a young age.

Today Kyle has paired bright orange running pants with a mustardy-yellow dinasaur shirt. He'll probably top it off with one of his crazy hats (or reindeer antlers), just in time for the pre-school Christmas party. LOL.

Love the outfits Anna has on. What a crack up!



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