Friday, August 27, 2010

The continuing saga of Mary Lu

This picture was taken up at Glass Lake, in the Rocky Mountain National Park, outside of Estes Park, Colorado.  SO beautiful and serene.  I could have sat there for hours, I think.

I know I've done my share of medical posts lately, but I did want to update you all on our little peanut and her (lack of) weight gain.

The pediatrician called this morning because he got the lab results from Wednesday's bloodwork.
And, guess what?  Sure enough, her hormone level that had appeared woefully low before is now PERFECTLY NORMAL.  Go figure.

All of her other results were normal, too, except for something new they'd tested this time (related to Human Growth Hormone), which was low.  Our doctor didn't know what to make of this, and just like with the other test it may not mean anything...but he said I should make that appointment with the pediatric endocrinologist and see what she says.  I meant to call today, but didn't, so I'll call Monday.  (I had some major inertia today.  Was it because I was still so exhausted from yesterday?  Was it because of all my trips to the hospital lab?  Maybe a combination?)

And so that's where we're at.  She's feeling much better (over the past month she got sick TWICE, poor thing) and seems to be more open to solid foods as a result.  My goal each day is to have her eat some multigrain Cheerios, six ounces of whole-fat yogurt, and either pureed something-or-other with olive oil or butter OR baby food with butter mixed in.  Even if it's not the whole jar.  This is all she's really interested in at this point, and so I feel like this is a reasonable goal.  She of course still LOVES nursing and is up for that ANY ol' time.  Even when we're in TJ Maxx. 

{Don't think I'm too cool to find an empty aisle and plop down on the floor to feed my baby.  And if you were in the Littleton TJ Maxx today, that is precisely what you saw me doing.  Next time, come and say hi!  I'd be happy to chat.  Better yet, you can buy me some stuff there, because I really love that store.}

I'm a bit tired of the whole diagnosing-the-baby phase...ready to find some answers and just MOVE ON. 

I'm glad Mary's thyroid and related hormones are A-OK.  Hoping her HGH levels are actually okay too.  REALLY hoping any future sweat tests come back NEGATIVE for CF.   

Will there EVER come a time when I don't worry about my little ones?

Sadly, probably not.

Interestingly, I don't actually mind trips to the lab or doctor's visits too terribly much.  (Provided that I'm not needing my baby to give a urine sample.  Then I just plain want to scream.  At Miley Cyrus et al.)  They don't really stress me out, my kids are generally pretty great about these types of outings (our homelife must be so incredibly mundane that a lab excursion is an event to rejoice over), and I feel like I'm accomplishing something.

The hard part is the waiting and the wondering.  While I don't mind a trip to the doctor, I don't want my baby girl to be sick.  And I'm supposed to get what I want, right?  :)


It's a good exercise in living for today, and in enjoying the moment, and in not worrying about tomorrow.  Mary Lu is happy and thriving and active today, and I get to kiss her sweet toes and make her laugh.  Sometimes I don't know she's watching me, and I look up and there she is, all smiles for her mama.  Which means today is a great day for Mary Lu, and for me, and it's actually not a bad way to live.  I should make an effort to think this way more often, about more things.

Life lessons from an itty bitty 10-month-old.

No one else I'd rather learn from, I don't think.

I love being a mama.


Rogers Camp said...

Hey Brianna,
Just wanted to tell you I totally understand what you are going through with Mary Lu...although Simon is having the same no-low-weight gain issue due to his esophageal condition. We are trying just about all the things you are trying too, but Simon isn't a big food eater due to his early issues and will only readily take nutrition from his bottle (I know, my 18 month old still has the bottle). We've tried every sippy cup imaginable, but it's always a no-go. Anyway, we are working on getting some Benecalorie (330 calories in 1.5 oz). It's expensive, but maybe it will mix better with milk and the little bits he does eat. He caught on to the oil pretty quickly and stopped eating food with that added. We add tons of butter to waffles and give him anything he wants that is HIGH in calories. People probably think we are bad parents for letting our child eat certain things, but hey...we do what we need to do! BTW, Simon is almost 19 months and last week weighed ONLY 17 lbs:(

Priscilla said...

don't forget AVOCADO!!!!

Brianna Heldt said...

Oh Stacey I am sorry that sweet Simon is having a hard time putting on weight. No doubt as he gets older that these things will get simpler. You are amazing!

Priscilla, Mary won't eat avocado. :( But I wil keep trying! :)

Joanie said...

Dressing rooms are also a handy nursing spot in a pinch. Or benches on a tourist-y aircraft carrier. You know, whatever works!!!

Sending up a little prayer for your darling baby.


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