Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sometimes I love...

...the sound of an anonymous child crying somehwere in the distance, because I get to think to myself, "THAT'S a crying child that I'M not responsible for!"  Heehee.  (Sorry.  I know that was random.  And totally rude and horrible.  But it's a little bit true.)

Moving on.  Before I divulge any other less-than-stellar character traits to all of you.

Right now we're enjoying having my dad here for the week!  (Mom didn't come this trip.)  We haven't seen my parents since Christmastime and, while we talk on the phone regularly, it's just not the same.  My kids are soaking it all in and I am too.  Thankfully my mom and dad are planning to retire here in a year or so, so that makes the distance a little more bearable.  We were only an hour's drive away from them before we left California.  Now we are 18 hours away.  Boo.

Unfortunately my kids are sick with yucky colds.  (Why they decided to get sick right when Grandpa showed up I have no clue.)  They're still having a blast, but they are SO much more emotional and whiny cranky easily upset when they don't feel well.  Add to THAT the "my-grandparents-are-here-and-therefore-I'm-extremely-distracted-and-also-therefore-I-don't-have-to-obey-my-mom" mentality that takes over and, well, you have some major chaos in these here parts.    

I don't like chaos.

But I LOVE having my dad here even if my kids are making me angry, and boy am I going to miss him when he goes back home next week.  Still on our to-do list: the zoo and the mountains.  Today was Wal-Mart (where each kid got to choose a new toy or two), lunch with Kevin at Quizno's, and some sight-seeing.  We've also taken a drive to show him where the kids' school program is.  Add to that his creative, funny bedtime stories for the kids (which will include M&Ms as a prop tonight), some classic SNL and Seinfeld watching after the kids go to bed, and great conversation. 

Yes indeed, we're having a great time!

Laughing at "Matt Foley", the "motivational speaker".  Oh my, how we were laughing.  So.very.funny.

Grandpa playing "stuffed animals" with the girls.  He did a great voice.  He is officially WAY better than me at engaging in make-believe.  Love it!


bekah said...

Yay! I'm so glad your dad got to come visit--so fun. Although I must say that I am currently painfully aware of the "grandparents are here so I don't have to listen to mom" syndrome. We are deep in the throes of that one at the moment.

That and poor Miles keeps saying things like, "Mommy, why are we living so many places? I want to go back to the red house and sit on the couch and rest." :(

Miss you. Can't wait to see you at our party soon!

OneThankfulMom said...

What a blessing to have your dad visit! I hope you enjoy every moment.


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