Friday, August 27, 2010


was orientation at my kids' homeschool co-op program they attend.  It was so surreal seeing all THREE of my oldest at school--especially during PE, which they all have together.  (That's my boys in their Kindergarten class, above.  Tony is sitting between Yosef and Biniam, and Tony's sister Addie is there next to Biniam.  They are dear friends of ours and I'm so glad my boys have them in their class!)

There's Anna in her music/Spanish class--taught by my wonderful friend Angela!  (Who can sing a mean Spanish song.  Who knew she was holding out on us all this time?)

Here are all three of my big kids in their PE class together.  Don't look now, but Kaitlyn's in the photo too.  She'd been begging allllll morning to sit next to Anna in her classes, and so finally in the last class of the day I said she could.  Which she did.  In her rainboots.  Spilling almonds all over the floor.

The morning completely wiped me out.  I had Kaitlyn and Mary with me too, and it made for a chaotic few hours.  I was jumping back and forth between Yosef and Biniam's Kindergarten class, and Anna's various First Grade classes (she and the rest of the first graders go from class to class.)  All while wearing a sleepy baby in an Ergo and with a three-year-old clunking around in rainboots behind me.  Who may or may not have taken off when I was retreiving Anna's backpack that she left behind in her very first class at one point, but thankfully was quickly found by someone--who was laughing when she told me that Kaitlyn wasn't panicked or afraid at all, just self-confidently marching down the hall.  In her boots.  Um, yeah, that's Kaitlyn.  Sheesh.

But, yes, a good day.  Lunch at the park afterwards with good friends and then home to relax before meeting some other girlfriends for ice cream later that evening.  (Kid-free, no less!)  Home at 10:30 pm, just in time to watch something on DVD with Kevin and criticize various things in the latest issue of Adoptive Families magazine.

Tomorrow I have to make it to the thrift store to get some back to school clothes for the kids.  Otherwise I'm declaring it a day of rest.

And as for today, I have no clue.  Big kids are watching The Lion King, Mary is napping, and I need a shower.  I'm also craving soda at 10 am, so I may need to take care of that at some point.

Happy Friday!


Kristen Borland said...

Fun stuff! Three in school! I just wish I could get to know Miss Kaitlyn better. She sounds like such a hoot. And yes, I used the word hoot. It's a perfectly good word.

And I'm really taking the time to actually comment on a blog all because I have to tell you that I too had a craving for soda at 10AM and promptly headed to the gas station for my summer-deal-any-size-for-89-cents yumminess. And I did it all with very little guilt. Even when I told my kids I wasn't there to get them a special treat--"you can have lemonade and popcorn at home." I will truly be sad when all the summer soda deals around town are over.

shell said...

i love picturing you chasing kids around! it brought a smile to my face. my last 2 went to K this year, they are growing TOO fast!


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