Wednesday, August 04, 2010

These two

Kaitlyn and Biniam.
Biniam and Kaitlyn.

For as long as I can remember, they've been super, super close.  Biniam adores Kaitlyn, and she adores him.  They spend a lot of time together, and have all manner of spats.  I won't tell you who wins...but let's just say that it's the three-year-old, NOT the five-year-old.  :)

Anyway, I love these pictures that I took at Costco one afternoon.  Because they capture their relationship and companionship pretty well.  One thing I've observed about growing up in a large-ish family is that there is lots (and lots) of laughter.  Which is good for the soul.  That, and your best friends live with you.  Also good for the soul.

I'll never forget bringing Kaitlyn home from the hospital to one big sister and TWO big brothers.  And seeing the friendships blossom.  Kaitlyn and Biniam have shared a special bond from the time they met.  And it makes this mama very, very happy!  (Even though they fight, and even though Kaitlyn may or may not occasionally push Biniam around, forcing me to intervene.)


shell said...

this is SO my Ben and Anna. I always thought Ben and Joe coming home together would be best friends, but nope! hope you are well!


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