Friday, August 20, 2010

Of samples and Miley

Today was a really, really, REALLY longgggggg day.  (I know, Mary looks kinda like an alien in this picture. She was all blurry for some reason.  Well, the reason would be that I wasn't holding the camera still.  Whatever.)

I got up this morning and decided to give the ol' bag another try.

Waited and waited and waited some more.  But when Mary finally peed, it leaked out of the bag.  Again.

(If you didn't read my previous post, you are hopelessly and utterly lost by now.  Oh and I'm sorry, but I'm talking about peepee.  Go back and read the post.  Or, just know that it's virtually impossible to get a urine sample from a baby girl.  There, now you're all caught up.)

Sooooo, I packed up a lunch for my other four kids, instructed each of them to grab their special tote bag and choose some toys and books to bring along, and set out for the hospital.  I vowed that we WOULD NOT LEAVE until Mary had given a successful sample.

We arrived at the hospital lab around 12:30.  Someone put yet another bag on Mary right away.  Then we waited.  And waited some more.  Mary had some baby food.  Eventually the other kids got hungry so we went over to the cafeteria/eating area for them to have their lunch.  I debated whether or not to get something for myself, thinking maybe I could just hold out until we got home (how long would we really be there, anyway?)...but opted to buy myself a salad.  'Twas a good thing, as it turned out.

{I will stop here to say that the best part of our day at Children's was running into a friend who works there!  It was so nice to see a familiar face and explain the "bag dilemma" to a nurse who understands.  Plus, I really like this friend and rarely get to see her.}

Anyway, after my friend left to go back to work, I decided to check Mary's bag.  Um, yeah, she'd finally peed...but IT HAD LEAKED OUT INTO THE DIAPER.  Again.  Oh my goodness.  Soooo incredibly frustrating.  As I was on my cell phone venting to Kevin about this latest leak, I suddenly noticed that there WAS some sort of liquid in the bag.  And all up her diaper.  And on her shorts.  Uh, yeah.  Apparently Mary's current illness (she's had a fever since yesterday) involves some intestinal issues that I did NOT see coming.

So with a "I've gotta go, Mary just pooped everywhere and it's diarrhea and I need to go clean her up and this is the worst day ever, bye", I told all the kids to throw their trash away, grab their bags (filled to the brim with the usual assortment of ratty stuffed animals and half-dressed Barbies), and we made a beeline for the "family restroom" near the lab.  I was able to get Mary all cleaned up (while all of my other kids plugged their noses, and also used the bathroom themselves--we are so efficient), and then we went back to the lab.  A new guy was at the desk.  I told him my sob story (and while I wasn't ACTUALLY sobbing, I was definitely on the brink) and he was SO NICE, and really seemed to care.  He got us into a room, a new lady came in to actually put the bag on, and she was so frustrated on my behalf and said she wondered who'd done the bag the previous times, that they probably didn't know how to put it on etc.  She took great care to get it in just the right spot.  This time I actually felt a bit hopeful. 

Back to the waiting room.  We waited and waited.  The kids played.  Watched TV.  I nursed Mary a bunch and waited some more.  She fell asleep laying on me...which was so incredibly sweet.  That doesn't happen too often these days.

And as she was laying there...I suddenly felt something warm...and I looked down...

And there was pee!  IN THE BAG!  I immediately jumped up in excitement and dashed over to the counter.  (I was SO beyond caring if anyone thought I was a lunatic at that point.  And the three teenage boys in the room at the time probably did.  I dare THEM to spend two days trying to get a urine sample from a baby girl, and not jump for joy when it finally happens.)

"She WENT!  It's in the bag!" I said excitedly to my pal at the desk.  And, God bless him, he acted just as excited as I felt.  He rushed into the room, had someone come in and help us, and lo and behold, Mary Heldt's urine was sent to be resulted this afternoon.


I have to tell you that we were at Denver Children's Hospital for over FOUR HOURS today.  And I also have to tell you that my other four kids were absolute ANGELS.  No complaining.  No fighting.  No whining.  They were INCREDIBLE.  It was literally no extra work to have them along with me, and they actually had a really good time.  They loved watching TV (is there ANYthing more ridiculous than those shows on the Disney Channel?  SO obnoxious!  But it kept the kiddies happy, so I won't complain.  In this post, anyway.) and also enjoyed their toys.  When I told them we were going to be spending some time at the hospital today, they were happy to go.  Happy to be with their little sister.  Excited for her when she finally went pee in the bag.  I was so proud of them.  So, so very proud.

But not as proud as I was when that dang bag finally caught my baby's urine.  I was proud of Mary, proud of myself, and darn proud of the two lab employees who made it happen.  I honestly could have kissed them. 

My goal tomorrow? 

To NOT go to Children's Hospital.  Two days in a row is plenty.  Two days of Miley Cyrus is MORE than plenty.

Right now though it's time to relax and watch a TV show on DVD with my husband.  Have a great weekend!


Tracy Regusci said...

Oh what a story! You are an amazing mama! Aj had to have a urine sample done too and I thought I was going to be doing the bag thing, but my doctor just told me to put cotton balls in his diaper and then ring them out in the cup. I can only imagine! You guys are in our prayers

Joanie said...

Thinking of you! So proud of ALL your babies - they all are troupers!

Brian & Rachel Davis said...

Oh dear, what a day! What a trooper! I'm glad you have yesterday complete and I hope you have some results really soon!

Angela said...

You are a great mama, and a great writer! I felt like I was right there with you...hoping and wishing for that pee and trying to tune out Miley. ;)
way to go heldt kids! i'm proud of you, too! great job! can't wait to have you in my classes this fall!
ms. angela

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Lisa Leonard said...

hey friend! praying for some resolution here. and that mary lu can gain some weight. that whatever is going on isn't a big deal. she looks like she's thriving to me. love you!! xo


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