Friday, June 10, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday {#25}

1.  I haven't done this feature on my blog in a long, long time.  Not sure why, because I really do like it.  And as I'm still trying to get over this ridiculous stomach virus, thus not having much energy or motivation to blog anything that requires too much thought, I am returning to it.

2.  Kevin was at a mens' conference recently where he signed up for three free issues of The National Catholic Register.  We actually don't subscribe to any sort of newspaper, so this is the first time we've had one delivered to our house.  And I've discovered that reading said paper makes me feel much smarter and cultured than I actually am.  Suddenly I'm an all-out intellectual with a doctorate in Philosophy as I read articles about the Vatican and sip my coffee.  That alone might be worth the annual $50 subscription fee.

3.  Yosef and Biniam started T-Ball on Tuesday, and have had two practices so far.  (One of which just Kevin took them to, due to my need this week to be near a bathroom.)  But the one practice I DID attend--oh my GOODNESS.  Have YOU ever seen a bunch of five- and six-year-olds chasing after a ball, randomly running bases, throwing dirt up into the air in the outfield and watching it drift on the breeze when they're supposed to be fielding?  Honestly, I'd worried that this venturing into the world of youth sports would be a tad boring.  Oh how wrong I was.  Funniest.thing.ever.

4.  I'm really liking Twitter these days.  Finally I think I'm sort-of getting the hang of it.  Are you on Twitter?  Follow me!

5.  We just finished watching (online) the show "America's Next Great Restaurant."  And I want me some soul food now.  I'm so glad Jamawn won, so sad that Joey didn't, and as for Sadir, his food sounded amazing until he tried to fuse it with Mexican food.  Indian food=good, and Mexican food=good, but together?  Doesn't sound so good.  Plus I don't think he wanted it as badly as the other two guys.  (Yep,I got way too into this thing.)

6.  I'm getting more finicky about the books I read in my old, nearly-thirty(!) age.  I don't as much read spiritual things I don't agree with (beyond learning and understanding where someone is coming from) and I refuse to read something just because it is hyped.  I used to read all manner of books from all manner of Christian perspectives (I have everything from Brian McLaren to John Piper to Mother Theresa to CS Lewis on my bookshelf), and while I DO occasionally still do that, there are just so many WONDERFUL books out there that I'm not as interested in reading stuff that, for the most part, does not resonate with me.  Or is complete and utter fluff.

7.  Speaking of reading, over the past couple of years I have taken to reading some apologetics and memoirs and theology (nothing too brainy, don't worry) in an attempt to better understand church history and the various perspectives found under the massive, multi-faceted umbrella that is Christianity.  In hopes of answering the question, "Why do _____ (insert Calvinists, Armenians, Orthodox, Roman Catholic, etc.) believe what they believe?"  It's been an interesting, and at times exhausting, little journey.  Funny thing is I went years without ever questioning why my own corner of Christianity believed what they did about Jesus, salvation, and the Sacraments.  Then I got curious.  It's been eye-opening and to be honest, a bit uncomfortable, but I hope and believe that in the end, my faith will be stronger for it.

Thank you to Jennifer at Conversion Diary for hosting!  If you're interested in doing your own 7 Quick Takes, go ahead and link up!


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