Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Sick and ranting

Here I had every intention of getting back into the blogging thing this week, but this morning I came down with the stomach virus my two oldest girls had this past weekend.  (Apparently scrubbing carseats, doing yucky laundry, and bathing sick little ones is hazardous to your health.  Who knew?  :)  )

Mary has it too, so she and I are spending the day resting.  Instead of blogging and cleaning my house, which is what I'd originally planned for today. 

I have however been reading various blogs, as well as some negative reviews of a book I read recently.

Which brings me to one of my various pet peeves.  (I have several, and I'm okay with that.  In fact, I think the very term "pet peeve" is a pet peeve of mine.  Hmmm.)

I cannot stand when a Christian author writes a book that is heavily footnoted, supposedly based upon research to prove his or her point...yet every historical reference is taken out of context, and it all just really amounts to a thinly-veiled attempt to color history in order to uphold a not very tenable opinion.  (But one that people right now are inclined to like.  So they believe it.  Because it sounds good and, hey, there are footnotes!)  Add to that the fact that the author thinks they're a million times more controversial and original than they actually are, and there you have it.  A certified pet peeve.

Thus my enjoyment of reading the reviews picking through the book and pointing out the various historical innacuracies.  History may be subjective, people, but not THAT subjective.

So there you have it.  A rant from my couch.  I may be feverish and horribly sick to my stomach, but I know a pet peeve when I see one!


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