Monday, June 20, 2011

Locks of Love

My two oldest girls have had super duper long hair for awhile now.  They loved it, and so did I for the most part.

But they decided they wanted to get it cut.  To donate to Locks of Love.

And so today, while my boys were at a skating party, I took the girls and their baby sister over to Great Clips for the haircuts. 

I nearly gasped when the long ponytails came off!  (Yes, Kaitlyn's shoes are on the wrong feet.  She insists on wearing them that way.)

Anna and Kaitlyn (and Mommy) are loving their new 'dos.  Couldn't wait to show their brothers, and are looking forward to showing their daddy when he gets home tonight!

Oh how I long to raise compassionate children who pursue virtue, reject vanity, and love Jesus by loving others.  When we first talked about how some children lose their hair due to illness, and that we have the ability to give our hair so another child might have a wig, they were sold.  They felt that no child should have to go without hair, and immediately wanted to give.  Even if it meant not having "princess hair" any longer.  They've spent time thinking about who will get their hair, and I think when we mail it off we'll be sure to spend some time praying for that person.

And Mary refuses to be left out.  Won't let it happen.  So she sat in this empty beauty chair for much of the time, brushing her own sparse, wispy hair.

It's such a simple, small way to give, but it's something super tangible that a child can understand, and they get to really feel like they're participating.  A win-win for sure!


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