Thursday, April 02, 2009

After the storm

So this is what our backyard looked like after the big storm came in last Friday. (I love the icycles on the garage.) Since then we've had some more crazy weather. Monday morning it was coming down really hard but after a few hours, you'd almost never know it, the sun came out etc. And yesterday afternoon we had a majorly windy snowstorm that included thunder and lightning...crazy! I am definitely enjoying it, but looking forward to pulling out my flip-flops too! (Which, in my former life, were worn year-round. Not so much anymore!)


joy said...

ah--flip-flops. esther is officially a newman now. i bought her some flip flops yesterday. love the snow pictures.

Kristen said...


Renee said...

I am a year round flip flopper. I have only seen snow once in my life and our dc have never seen it. We would do love to play in your yard! It's so pretty!

I am so happy that Colorado suits you and your family so well.

Mike and Rachel said...

Pretty! It looks like you guys got more than we did!


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