Wednesday, April 01, 2009

My crowded lap

My kids LOVE to be read to. Love love LOVE it. And I love reading to them. It's great.

A nearby second-hand store has TONS of children's books, lots of classics, things I remember from when I was little, and they're CHEAP. And generally in really good condition. Anytime I come home from there, the kids run to meet me at the door and start pawing through the bags to see what books I brought home.

This particular Saturday was no exception. Reading to them can be a bit tricky though because as you can see, seating is a little tight. And there are generally two rules:

Kaitlyn HAS to sit on my lap.
No exceptions. Sometimes she insists on bringing her own book to look at, so then there are two books in my face.

Biniam can't see worth a darn, so he's always straining to get close enough to the pictures.
(Yes he needs glasses. Yes I need to get him to the optometrist. Yes we've been inundated with medical appointments and so it hasn't happened yet.)

Needless to say, I can get to feeling a little claustrophobic when reading to the kiddies. But they'd sit there for hours. They always beg for more. They love to be read to and don't care about having to share Mommy's lap with three other kids. They treasure this time, and so do I.


Mike and Rachel said...

My kids fight over which part of my lap they get. Yesterday I tossed them both on the floor and announced that is was MY lap and I wasn't sharing ANYMORE for the moment. Somehow they were both back in my lap withing 3 minutes...

Angela H said...

I am not sure if your library has anything like this, but ours has a used bookstore inside. Kid's books are only fifty cents! We have been growing our collection lately. Sometimes I even get chapter books to put away for a little down the road. (-: Now I have to search Craigslist or somewhere else for some more bookshelves.

Northernmum said...

Hello I am so happy that I came across your blog.
Your family is just "picture perfect"
Thank you for sharing your family life

Angela said...

This looks just like my lap every morning! My kids all take turns being on my lap... I can't wait to get the P3/4 IG...(did i tell you i ordered it?) So the little 2 will have their own 'mommy lap time' before the older 2 do.
Hope it works! And YAY for GREAT books! Woohoo!!
LOVE you.
LOVE your kids.

joy said...

man,i can't imagine having one more. it's a little tight already and esther does the same thing as kaitlyn, she brings her own book. or she tries turning the pages before i'm ready. but, it is a sweet time and they won't be so little forever! glad you're enjoying the sweetness as well.

Brianna Heldt said...

YES joy kaitlyn tries turning the pages too!!!! grrrrr. :)

i figure once we have more kids i'll have to do the thing that teachers do, sit opposite the kids and then show the pictures all around. :)

Kristen said...

i think kaitlyn and nehemiah are so alike sometimes. yes, he does the same thing, and brings his own book, and turns the pages in both books.

love biniam's dress.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Abby's very possessive of my lap, too. Poor TJ ends up on the floor at my feet most of the time, and I have to lower the book so he can see the pictures. :-)


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