Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Vision and pregnancy brain

So as Angela pointed out in a comment on the previous post, it's been awhile since I last posted. I've taken so long for two reasons:

1.) It's hard to improve upon the Scooba. I mean really. How on earth can anything I share with you compare with a robot who sweeps/mops your floors?

2.) I officially have pregnancy (or placenta) brain. Seriously. My brain shut down a few weeks ago and I'm unable to really think clearly or make decisions. Kevin and I just finished taking a ministry leadership class at church and let's just say my answers to the homework questions were pretty weak.

Not much is new around here. We recently took Biniam to the eye doctor because we've suspected for a while now that he has poor vision. But little did we know HOW poor. The kid basically can't see. Everything's a blur. His brain has no concept of being able to see properly so the optometrist is experimenting by boosting his prescription every 6 weeks for awhile to try to get his brain to "catch up" and essentially reprogram itself. In other words she can't just give him a prescription to make his vision the way it should be, right off the bat. Ugh. Poor Biniam.

He's THRILLED about getting glasses though! Positively thrilled. He should have them in about a week, super-thick lenses and all. We're praying that his brain WILL be able to catch up and that his vision can be improved. That kid's overcome a lot already in his short little life!

Today we picked out Biniam's glasses and hit up Costco, came home and the kids played outside and ate Otterpops. Tonight I have a meeting to go to for From HIV to Home, which I'm really looking forward to. A full but good, productive day I'd say!

Random side-note: I finally got around to watching the series finale of ER, which I'd taped. (No Tivo here, we like to buck technological trends and rather enjoy our antennae-using, stone-age life.) Um, there should have been a warning that pregnant women should not watch. I could've done without the woman's bloody inverted uterus and, you know, subsequent death. Wow. Also, how on EARTH does that one nurse have a 16 year old son?! I swear she must've been 11 when he was born. I loved Dr. Carter reuniting with his wife, and Dr. Green's daughter carrying on his legacy though. (Totally lame that they killed him off, but whatever.)


Kristen Penny said...

Congrats on your pregnancy! From a fellow AAI Ethiopia adoptive mom--our Nathan came home at 4.5 years old with very poor vision. Consequently, he had not developed as a visual learner, which isn't a great when learning to read. We started him on piano lessons which helped develop his visual learning skills so much that his learning to read coincided with his learning piano. He has since given up piano--too many power struggle issues with practice--but it served its purpose! Just a heads up....Good luck!
Kristen, mom to four great boys, two from Ethiopia

andy gibson said...

I'm totally with you on the pregnant lady. On top of it, she was preggers with twins....Jeannett and I could only look at each other...in partial shock, wondering if we should change the station, but too addicted to....

Jeannett Gibson said...

Twin GIRLS at that! Not good. Not helpful.

Joanie said...

Brianna, thank you for sharing about Biniam's eyesight. I am very grateful for technology in lightweight and thin lenses, otherwise mine would seriously be coke bottles. I'll pray for him that he would soon get to see the individual leaves on the trees, and that the doctors would find just the right prescription for him!

Thankfulmom said...

It was great to see an update! I hope the meeting tonight was good - I look forward to hearing about it. You should have warned me about the spoiler! I'm even further behind on ER than you are!


Mama Mote said...

You wouldn't want to send me the tape of ER, would you? I taped it and forgot it was in the machine and taped something else over it. I WAS SO MAD AT MYSELF. I don't care that I know the end. Anyway, good to hear things are going well and will pray that Biniam's vision will catch up.

Angela said...

sooo glad you are back! :)
and...you continue to crack me up...pregnancy brain and all! :)


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