Friday, September 03, 2010

Boots no more

I've referred many a time to Kaitlyn's beloved yellow rainboots.
She's worn them all summer.
To the store, to church, pretty much everywhere.

The only problem is, her feet started getting all cracked and yucky from wearing them in the heat with no socks.


SO, I have had to put a stop to the boot-wearing for now.  In colder months when she can wear socks with them--and not sweat a bunch--we can revisit her favorite clothing item.  (She has horribly sensitive skin and is sensitive to the heat too, so it's no surprise that her feet didn't react very well.)

To be honest it is actually a little sad.  The other day she went to put them on and I had to remind her that she can't wear them anymore right now.
{She was so bummed.}

Kevin and the other kids had, in fact, even started calling her "Boots".  As a nickname.

Because, the girl loves her boots.

Too bad the mom doesn't love the cracked, blistered, bleeding feet that come with them.

None of my children are, thankfully, obsessed with clothing or their appearance.  But Kaitlyn loved those boots.

And I'm posting about it, not because I think anyone cares, but because I want US to remember the summer of the boots.

Little ones grow so fast, and sometimes the littlest things make for the best memories.  That's part of why I love having a blog!

So I'm blogging about Kaitlyn and her boots today.  I'll miss the sound of her clunking around, and the look of shorts + a tanktop + rainboots, and the beaming-with-pride she did when she wore those things.

Goodbye for now, boots.

We'll see you, and some socks, in a few months!


Kevin Heldt said...

BOOTS!!!!!!!! A phrase I never thought I'd say, but: "I love my Boots!"

Joanie said...

Love. Yes, those days go too fast. Good for you for letting her wear them to her heart's content. It won't be long until she's back in them with the cooler weather.

The Hattons... said...

I love that you posted about the Boots' boots! And yes, it's a great way for your family to remember this summer's passion.

Angela said...

OH...mae had a love affair with some green alligator boots the summer she was 2. I have several pictures of her in them. SO SO cute. Thankfully we were in the rain forest in Alaska and it was cool enough to wear them w/ socks!

Mae mentioned that K's feet were red (like hers) the other day. Glad to know it was just the boots and that w/ them on hold, they will heal!


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