Sunday, September 19, 2010

Football widow

Well it's that glorious time of year again.  Football season. 

Yuck.  :)
I despise any and all televised sports.  Especially football.  But really it's all sports.  Why anyone would want to invest HOURS upon HOURS of their weekend watching people chase a ball around is beyond me. 

If only everyone in my household felt the same.  :)

But it just so happens that I share my home and my life with someone who does rather enjoy watching sports.  Said person also enjoys fantasy sports.  Multiple teams, various sports.  Eesh.

So begins the season of coming home from church, eating lunch...and finding random stuff to do.  :)  Sometimes I go to Target, or do some grocery shopping, or go to the thrift store.  Sometimes I read a book.  Or blog.  One thing I DON'T do is watch football.  Not only do I not enjoy it, but I feel like I'm participating in a silent protest or something.

I feel like I'm saying, "This is a waste of time.  And I for one will not be fooled into taking part."

Hee, hee.

Just kidding.  Sort of.

Deep down I don't really begrudge Kevin the rabid sports-watching and crazed fantasy-sports-team-managing.  (Or at least not TOO much.  Sometimes I get real grumpy about it.  Not gonna lie.)  He really doesn't have any (other) majorly time-consuming hobbies, we spend a lot of time together, and he's so incredibly helpful all the time around the house.  He'll take all five kids without batting an eye if I need to go somewhere etc.  (We don't call it babysitting, we call it parenting.  I have this thing about people referring to a dad watching HIS CHILD as "babysitting."  Another post for another day, perhaps?  But, in a nutshell, if it's your kid, you're not babysitting.  You're being a dad to the child YOU conceived.  But I digress...for now.)

I'm guessing there are some other ladies out there who suddenly have one additional full day a week free.  How do YOU spend those lonngggggggg Sunday afternoons?

Today I'd planned to go thrifting.  But Kaitlyn was up vomiting last night and so I'm pretty exhausted today.  And I don't know if Kevin would be up for babysitting a three year old with the stomach flu.

Hahaha.  I crack myself up.

Well here's hoping that your day is football and kid-vomit free...and if it's not, that you tell me, so I know I'm not alone!  :)

Happy Sunday!

***Kevin may or may not have asked me to add the following disclaimers:

--He generally records the games and speeds through them much faster than if he were watching them live.
--He doesn't watch football on Saturdays, or on Monday nights.  Just Sundays.
--Due to the fast-forward feature on the VCR, this amounts to three and a half hours per Sunday.  Personally I think it's more than that.  He disagrees.  I think I'm right.  Whatever.
--He claims I spend more time on Facebook per week than he does on fantasy sports.  Again, I disagree.

I think we may need to have a discussion... 


Jennifer P said...

Right on baby! You are hilarious. I am totally with you on the babysitting issue.

Tracy Regusci said...

AMEN!! I agree 100%, can I copy and paste this post to me blog?!? Sadly my man loves Monday night football too.

Brianna Heldt said...

Heehee! SO glad I'm not alone! (And a real shame we don't live close to one another so we could go to coffee whilst the men watch!)

Angela said...

we LISTENED to football in the van on the way up the mountains for our hike...
WATCHED at the pizza place in Nederland...
LISTENED on the way back down the mountain (I slept)
and he WATCHED more while I napped (again)
I guess, in a way, I'm thankful for football season. Afterall, I get to NAP. :)
Marrty is not at all into the fantasy thing, but he is much more into college football than pro football, so we get it all weekend. He's also spent a ton of time hiking w/ us and playing baseball w/ Ry, so I can't complain. It just kindof filled in the gaps today.
Did I just right a post on your post? I think I did. Sorry.

Anonymous said... husband works on weekends, so he can't watch it all. ;) And that is rather cool that your husband doesn't make an entire weekend of it. I know some who do!

Abbey said...

Oh, Brianna! I am SO with you on this one! I actually had our cable disconnected a couple of months ago... and none of us missed not having TV....until football. So, the cable guy returned to hook it back up. UGH.


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