Wednesday, September 29, 2010

First full day of school, in pictures

Yosef, Anna and Biniam on their first full-day of their homeschool program!

If you couldn't tell, I had three VERY excited kids this year.

They couldn't wait to set off for school with their backpacks and lunch boxes.

They were THRILLED.

I was really excited for them, too.

And it marked a new chapter in Yosef and Biniam's lives: THEY STARTED KINDERGARTEN. 

How did this happen???  How is it possible that the two sweet little boys who I remember meeting for the first time in an Ethiopian orphanage are going off to school?!  This is simply unfathomable to me.  I still can't fully wrap my mind around the idea that my sons are in school now.  When I do drop-offs, THREE kids are piling out of the van to find their classroom, instead of just one.  I give THREE kids a kiss and hug goodbye, I pack THREE lunches the night before and stuff THREE backpacks with snacks and water bottles as we head out to the car.  (Eventually of course my kids will be packing their own lunches, but boy am I glad that as a homeschooling mom, I only have to do all this ONE TIME A WEEK, instead of FIVE.  Good grief, it's a lot of work getting kids all ready and out the door.)

Anna, my big First-Grader.

I am truly in awe of how much my sweet first-born has grown and matured in the past year.  It's amazing.  I still remember her starting Kindergarten one year ago, shy and unsure but of course super excited, too.  Now she pretty much owns the place--or at least she thinks she does.  :)  When I picked her up after school on her first day, the very first thing out of her mouth was that she made a new friend.  There are more girls in her class this year and she is getting to know all of them.

Yosef, the proud Kindergartner.

This kid has been excited about starting school ever since Anna began last year.  Couldn't wait to get a backpack, school supplies, and set off for a new adventure.  And, he's loving it so far.  I think he's still learning the ropes a little bit, but he's having a lot of fun and I think it's going to be a good first year for him!

Biniam, the enthusiastic Kindergartner.

Just like his brother, Biniam has been eagerly anticipating school and all of its trappings this whole past year.  He's making friends, has a "best friend" in his class, and is also still figuring stuff out.  All the while having a fabulous time, of course.

All three of the kids have PE together at the end of the day.


And if you didn't know my boys, and you saw them at'd never know that they're related.  Or even know each other.

They don't hang out together.

Or sit near each other.

Or have lunch at the same table.


With personalities like night-and-day, it makes sense that they'd want to carve out their own respective, independent niches at school.  But for some reason, it still amuses me to no end.

"Biniam," I'll ask, "did you sit near Yosef at lunch today?"
"No," he'll reply.

"Yosef, did you play with Biniam at school today?"


Ha, ha.

Such is life with twins, I suppose.

At any rate, I really do think the kids are going to have a wonderful year.  Today is Field Day, and tomorrow I'm attending a puppet show that Anna's class is putting on.  So fun!

This school has turned out to be one of my favorite pieces of our life as homeschoolers.  We truly get to enjoy the best of both worlds. 

So yay for a new school year!  I love new beginnings and am so proud of my kiddos!


joy said...

Love the pictures! the kids are getting so big. It's so wonderful to see them loving school--what a blessing that is. Hard to believe that the conversation we had on a playground about adopting twins led to me seeing the boys for the first time in baby bjorns on your bellies to seeing them here so excited to be in kinder! We miss you guys! A big hug to you all.

shell said...

my twins are the same way! they play constantly at home, but at school, they do their own thing. I love that they don't feel the need to hang on to one another!


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