Thursday, September 02, 2010

Yes, I'm laughing AT you

Sometimes I just laugh.  Really, really hard.
Not necessarily WITH my kids...but AT them.
I know, that is so mean, right?

There are two churches on our street that I can literally see out my window.  Both obviously in walking distance.  One of them has these neighborhood fun day things in the warmer months--BBQ'd hotdogs and hamburgers, the fire truck usually comes by, there's a bouncehouse...and face painting.  A smiling elderly man comes by our house and delivers a flyer anytime there's an event.

Kevin has taken the kids over to this two or three times.  Yours truly however has yet to attend.

Why, you ask?

Why do I make my poor, defenseless husband play the single dad while I hide stay at home?

Honestly, and I KNOW you are going to think this is RIDICULOUS...

I just don't want to have to go and make small talk.

I said it.
The proverbial antisocial cat is out of the proverbial antisocial bag.

We don't attend that church, likely never will, and I don't know anyone there.  So attending their event makes me feel all socially anxious and I just refuse to go.  Free food or not.  Our family stands out--no WAY we could just blend in amongst the other attenders--and I just don't want to spend my precious Saturday explaining why we have so many children, why we adopted, or how I'm old enough to have kids in the first place.

Please don't get me wrong, the people there have always been more than nice to Kevin and the kids, I just don't want to go.  Every time they have an event, Kevin attempts to coerce me to go along.  This last time, he said he was embarrassed to always have the kids by himself, and no wife.  Still I refused.  I'm stubborn like that.

Back to laughing at my kids.

A few weeks ago, Kevin took them over there for the usual hoopla.  As you can see, they got their faces painted.

As you can also see, Biniam looks  like an old man with a huge white mustache and a sickly orange hue to his cheeks.  Yosef looks hilarious too.

And the girls look like they're ready for Prom 1985.  (Oh looky there, you can see me in the background stuffing my face.  See, you can laugh at ME, too!)

They all came trudging into the house after spending HOURS over there.  HOURS, people.

"How was it?" I asked.

That was when:

Anna burst into tears, upset that some boy there had smacked her on the back and made a mean face (note the smudged face paint on her cheek), 
Yosef proceeded to grumble about how he left his fire station pencil on the table AND about how he didn't get to finish his food because a bunch of flies landed on it,
Biniam eagerly showed me his facepaint and asked if I liked it, all the while making repulsive tiger faces, and
Kaitlyn handed me a melty piece of cheese she'd been clutching (probably a Kraft single), saying she'd brought it home for me to eat.

And that's when I began laughing.  At 

It was beyond hilarious.

The painted faces...disgruntled attitudes...melty was all just too much. 

Kids are funny.  Really, really funny. 

And if you never laugh at them, you may want to try it every now and again.  Because you're really missing out!


Angela said...

so so funny! i would be laughing, too. :) They all look so cute, though, w/ their faces all painted.
You are so much like Marrty. He hates small talk and social situations that require it. I would be the one dragging all of the kids to go play at the church we would never attend. :)

Brianna Heldt said...

angela ha! we need people like you b/c otherwise, us introverts would never get to know anyone!

Joanie said...

STill -gasp- laughing so hard. I now have a stitch in my side!

Tiffany said...

ROTFL!!! I have tears in my eyes!!! YOU are my hero...I always cave and go...I , too, am an introvert. BUT ANYWAY!! I LOVED the giggles..I laugh at mine, but it is not very widely acceptable to laugh and tell... But we all do it!! :)


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