Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A million and one things to do

That's how I'm feeling right now. 

Last night it was 9 pm before I felt like I could sit back and breathe.

My day yesterday was spent cleaning my house, homeschooling my kids, doing laundry, and blogging.

Today will involve a trip to Costco, some baking, and more work around the house.  Our Community Group meets tonight--although I won't be here for it, because I'll be attending a homeschool group meeting with this friend and this friend and some other friends.  (What, you don't join groups based on whether or not you have good friends in the group?  That must just be me.  :) )  I'm sorry to miss our church small group, but I'm excited to meet up with some great homeschooling mamas for our first meeting of the year.  I'll be bringing along some shortbread cookies (that I plan to bake).  And Mary Lucille.  :)

In other news, we just inherited a second laptop from someone and Kevin and I have been playing this game online, Minesweeper Flags.  (Through MSN Live Messenger.  You open a conversation window with your contact, and then you can invite them to play the game.) 

This game makes me FURIOUS.  Last night I was irate.  Ticked off.
Because I can't win for the life of me.  Up until two days ago I was doing great.  Now, not so much.  Kevin keeps beating me.
And I'm telling you, the luck is stacked against me.  I click and it seems I always choose wrong.  Or I open up a huge block of squares and Kevin gets all the flags.

Ahem.  Anyway.  I feel as I have a million and one things to do, I'm a bit overwhelmed, and oh, how I hate that feeling!  I'm honestly not even sure exactly where it's coming from.  I'll get done what needs to get done, and leave the rest for another day, right?

Maybe deep down I'm really just agitated about my inability to crush Kevin at Minesweeper Flags.  Perhaps this also explains my general grumpiness.  Hmmmmm.  (It could also however be explained by the various hormones involved in breastfeeding.  I had Hot Tamales and Junior Mints for lunch, my friends.  Enough said.)

People often jokingly say things to me like, "In all your free time...", as if I really am regularly running around like a chicken with my head cut off.  All on account of having five kids.  The truth is, I DO have quite a bit of free time.  Really.  But today, I will be that chicken.  Doing grocery shopping, scrubbing counters, preparing meals, barking orders at my kids.  Finding time to take a shower and put on some makeup and some presentable/clean clothes.  For the homeschool meeting.  But it will be well worth it because I will go and see my friends, stuff my face with yummy food, and feel all footloose and fancy free because Kevin will have the four oldest kids.  (When you have five children, you don't think of taking your eleventh-month-old daughter along as something that slows you down.  You feel free as a bird.)

I actually don't mind the occasional hustle and bustle, but I DON'T like feeling overwhelmed.

OR losing at Minesweeper Flags.

Those things make me grouchy.

What DOESN'T make me grouchy though are my Hot Tamales and Junior Mints freshly mopped floors and clean bathrooms.

Oh how I love a clean house.

So I'm going to focus on what I've done already, not on what I have left to do.

And also not on the fact that an orange crayon went through the washer AND dryer two nights ago.

I'm just gonna pretend that DIDN'T happen.

Which I guess means I have a million and TWO things to do!


Kristen Borland said...

oh my friend, this reminds me of late nights playing pepper. i remember the pain of losing over and over and swearing we'd win eventually. i'm starting to feel frustrated just thinking of it.


anyway, just had to say hot tamales and junior mints are my number 1 and number 2 favorite candies. and now i want some.

Brianna Heldt said...

Kristen YES! And I KNOW. SOOOO frustrating. Come December we SHALL WIN!!!!

And oh how I wished you lived nearby. I'd invite you over for a lunch of Hot Tamales and Junior Mints!

Kristen Borland said...

even if it takes ALL night!!!

and i wish i could come over for such a fabulous lunch! OR a lunch of soup and cream soda, watching DOOL. good times, my friend!!


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