Saturday, September 04, 2010

Just taking a break...

from doing some MAJOR clearing out of the kids' toys.  OH.MY.GOODNESS.  It is insane.  INSANE I tell you.  SOoooooo much JUNK.  Ratty Well-loved stuffed animals.  Itty bitty blood-pressure-inducing toys scattered all around.  I have a HUGE bag of stuff for the ARC to pick up--and I feel horrible for whatever employee has to sift through it all.  (And I'm trying to keep the bag away from Kevin, who is worse than the kids about getting rid of stuff.  He said seeing what's in there makes him "sad."  Funny, because for months now he's been complaining and saying we need to get rid of the toys.) 

At any rate, I just wanted to let you all know where I am today, in case I never do re-emerge from the mountains upon mountains of toys in my home.  You'll know to look for me under a huge pile of Legos.  Oh, and could someone PLEASE tell me that I'm not the only one who finds old, empty soda cups and fruit snack wrappers IN their kids' closet????!!!

And not to worry--the Barbies and Barbie house that sweet Mary Lu is destroying playing with in the above picture are NOT going to the ARC.  We rather like the Barbies with their tanned skin and golden blond hair and slinky little dresses.  Ahem.  Let me rephrase that before I get a slew of angry anti-Barbie comments: we like Barbie, but not necessarily the messages Mattel is trying to send us about Barbie.  Don't believe me that you can play Barbies without buying into the hype?  Well, see that dumptruck in the background?  My kids like pushing Barbie around in it.  We MUST be counteracting any negative Mattel-isms, because instead of Barbie sitting around in her fancy slippers watching her flat screen TV, she's riding around in a bulldozer.  We're just keepin' it real around here, because that's how we, and apparently Barbie, roll.

Now back to the toys!


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