Friday, February 11, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday {#21}

1.)  We are still a house full of sickies.  Ugh.  Yesterday all three of my biggest kids were too sick to go to school...which meant they missed out on exchanging valentines.  SO SAD!  Thankfully though, with five children, we always have a quorum for a party, so they seemed satisfied with us having our own Valentine's Day party here on February 14th.  Whew!

2.)  Yesterday was of course also Anna's birthday.  We made cupcakes (even though she said she felt too sick to eat one!), and otherwise just lounged around trying to get well.  No doubt the highlight of her day was opening gifts from grandparents after "dinner" (all the invalids wanted was a partial tortilla.  I'm not complaining!)  Lots of clothes, books, and a Calico Critter house.  The best part of MY day was surely Anna being so excited any time someone around here wished her a happy birthday (which, in our family, is OFTEN), and then telling her birth story that evening and looking at photos of when she was born.  I was young and my face was swollen and red but I was blissfully in love.  (And if I wasn't so terribly lazy, I'd scan the photo and show you.  Maybe someday.)

3.)  I'm currently reading a library book that smells oh-so-strongly of cigarrette smoke.  Good thing I'm almost finished with it--I've always been really sensitive to second-hand smoke, it makes my eyes itch, etc.  But I'm devoted and committed to sticking with it.  So, smoke be darned, my task-orientedness is winning out.  (Extra ironic that it is an interview with the Pope.  I find this amusing.)

4.)  For dinner last night I had some Lucky Charms.  I NEVER, ever eat junky cereals.  Kevin buys them for himself.  The kids don't eat them either.  BUT, I wasn't feeling well, so Lucky Charms it was.  And it was such a fun treat!  Not bad when you're sick.

5.)  I'm getting my annual calls from the Cal Poly Psychology Department this week.  (Read about last year's call here.)  Every year now some girl from the department calls, most likely on her fifth Red Bull of the night, asking me questions about my university experience, inevitably leading up to begging me for money.  (Yes, begging.  It always culminates in begging.)  I love when it comes out that I didn't actually graduate, that my time at Cal Poly was not the very best part of my whole entire life (though I had a good time), and that I'm not using my degree-I-don't-have because I' at-home-mom.  It's HILARIOUS because they don't have a great script for someone like me.  Don't get me wrong, I'm polite and all that, but NO one could match the enthusiasm of these people, and it's downright awkward when they PRETEND that it's cool that I'm "just" a mom.  AND, notice that at the beginning of this paragraph I said "calls"--yes, I'm getting multiple calls, one a night, because I'm sick and just not up to answering the questions.  So I hang up.  Kevin thinks this is incredibly rude.  But I used to be a telemarketer, and to be honest, I preferred a hang-up to having to awkwardly find a way out of a conversation.  You just go on to the next call.  When I'm feeling better, I'll answer the person's questions.  I'm rather looking forward to it!

6.)  We've had some snow lately.  A bit of a storm, in fact, with the wind whistling and the snow blowing.  I love it!  I'm looking forward to Spring and Summer, but I'm NOT one of those people jealous of 70 degree February days in Florida or California.  I LOVE seasons.  I love how hot summers make you long for cozy winters, and vice-versa.  I'd never want to go back to living in a super mild climate.

7.) My kids are definitely on the mend--the VOLUME in this house this morning is the loudest it's been in days.  It's hilarious.  So glad they're starting to feel better, but I have to admit I enjoyed the quiet too!

***Do your Quicktakes.  Link to Conversion Diary.  Have a happy Friday.  :)


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