Friday, February 04, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday {#20}

1.)  My sister-in-law has been visiting from California, thus the lack of blogging due to the fun we are having.  I'd hoped to take her out to do some things around Denver, but due to the yucky, freezing cold weather and snow, we've mostly been hanging out around here.  Playing cards, acting as referees to my many small, tired, overstimulated children, and eating frosted animal cookies. 

2.)  Yesterday it took us nearly TWO HOURS to make it home from picking up the kids from school.  Yes, what is normally a 35 minute trip amounted to almost 120 minutes.  Ouch.  All on account of the weather, I suppose, though there is no reason the traffic should have been that bad.  There WAS a bit of entertainment along the way, however, when a semi-truck driver holding up an extremely profane, sleazy sign began honking at my afore-mentioned sister-in-law (sitting in the passenger seat.)  Sheesh!

3.)  Tonight we're going out for Ethiopian food.  SO excited.  Yum!

4.)  Doesn't Target have the sweetest Valentines Day decor???  Oh my goodness.  So, so, so fun.  I am loving Target these days.

5.)  I have all these ideas about getting on a schedule--getting up at a certain time, getting ready for the day, etc.--but it is SO hard to be motivated enough to implement it!  I think I'd enjoy it, but I can't imagine voluntarily rolling out of bed before 7:30.  No, I am not a morning person. 

6.)  My daughters like wearing dresses and skirts.  No matter the weather.  Thank goodness for warm knit tights!

7.)  I scored a 6-light brass chandelier on Craigslist last weekend for only $12!!!  Woohoo!  Now if the weather would just get warm enough so I could spray paint the heck out of it!


Do your quick takes.  Link to Conversion Diary.  And have a great weekend!


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