Monday, February 21, 2011

From my couch

I just wanted to let you all know that I'm still here.

And still fighting for the health of my poor, sad bronchial tubes.  :)

By God's grace I was somehow able to rally and throw my daughter a birthday party on Saturday.  I was dragging, but it was so totally worth it.

Then that night I also may have, um, gone to a concert.  Yes, I know, brilliant when you're fighting off a nasty illness.  But I'd bought my ticket months ago, the show was less than 15 minutes away from my house, and I knew I'd regret not going...even if it set me back a little.  (Which, coupled with the party earlier in the day, surely did.  Because yesterday I felt like death.  Whatevs.  It was worth it.)

But I've since resumed my position on the couch, I snuck TWO naps in today, and my cough is better than it's been in awhile.  SO I'm hopefully back to making progress. 

Sadly I've been neglecting my poor blog, I guess because I've been short on inspiration.  (I know, you're just DYING to hear all about my wracking cough, and my favorite type of chicken noodle soup, and about how I slather vaseline on my nose at night to keep it from getting too sore from all the blowing.)  All it takes is being sick for awhile to discover that the internet is a horribly dull and boring place, TV is completely and utterly worthless, and it's depressing being isolated from civilization for weeks at a time.  I am a textbook introverted-homebody, but OH my goodness, this is getting a bit ridiculous.

It reminds me of when I had mono in 2008, although the nice thing about that was, we lived in a new town in a new state, we didn't know too many people, and we really had no commitments.  But now I feel like I'm constantly missing out on things, which I am, and we DO have commitments, which I'm either blowing off or attempting to fulfill in my sorry state.  Yesterday for example three of our kids were invited to two different birthday parties.  So we divided and conquered and I actually took a shower and got ready, because I hate disappointing my sweet kiddos. 

I truly do believe God gives us the grace we need for the task at hand.  I'm so happy I got to have a celebration for my daughter's seventh birthday, and that I dragged myself out of the house for the concert--which was wonderful even if I was the only person there under 55--I will share more about soon.  I'm glad my kids got to attend birthday parties for their friends yesterday.  I've been so frustrated that I'm basically spending February as a partial invalid (I say partial because, let's face it, on the couch or not I still have five kids to wrangle), but when I think about it, there have been some bright spots too!

The best part of today, for example, was teaching Mary Lu how to play peekaboo.  Picture her saying "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhh!" really loud while covering her MOUTH, not her eyes, with her sweet little hands.  Precious.

Anyway, I hope you're having a wonderful, bronchitis-free week so far...and if not, I HIGHLY recommend the fresh, hot chicken noodle soup from Whole Foods. 

It's ALmost worth being sick just to have it. 



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