Friday, February 25, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday {#22}

1.)  Now that we're through with LOST (sniff, sniff), we've begun cycling back through another favorite of ours, Frasier.  Oh my goodness, I love this show!  We usually watch an episode before going to bed.  And, it's hysterical.

2.)  I've been wondering lately what evangelical authors wrote about before it became vogue to attack the modern American church.  It seems just about out there these days is laying out the problem (materialism, nationalism, greed) and giving the solution (give more, care more).  Are people recognizing a valid problem in evangelicalism, or do we attempt to reinvent the wheel with each new generation of evangelicals?  Don't get me wrong, I've read some great books in this genre, and I DO think we will ALways need to fight our own greed and inclination to insulate ourselves from the pain and suffering of others, but a particular book I recently read got me thinking.  In part because it was written by someone advocating sacrifice and trading in your high paying job for service to the poor, yet this particular person is currently pulling down a 300k-a-year salary.  Isn't it easy to point a finger at others and say, "THEY're not giving enough of their money away, or helping the least of these", while we're totally doing the same thing?  Let's be honest: what percentage of us are actually selling off all of our posessions (furniture, clothes, IPODs, cell phones, fancy gadgets) and sending the profits to fight Malaria?  While I do think a life of intentional poverty is a particular call for some (monasticism for example), I DON'T think the intention is for all of us to live that way.  And I DO believe in the virtues of frugality and simplicity, but with all the finger pointing going on, I just really have to wonder how much is cloaked in hypocrisy.

3.)  Homeschooling lately has been so discouraging.  Partially because I've been so sick and we've gotten out of our routine, but also because I feel stressed out that my sons are not reading fluently yet.  I know it's just Kindergarten, but I feel very uneasy about the whole thing.  It's hard being a mom sometimes!  I really do believe it's still the best option for our family right now, and I know in my head that sticking my kids into a huge classroom full of other kids and distractions isn't going to automatically get them reading, but it's tempting to believe I'm doing it all wrong.

4.)  Speaking of homeschooling, I'm reading George Mueller's biography to the kids right now.  (Alternating between learning about the saints, and reading missionary biographies that I can get behind.  :)  )  Anyway, the book is good, but I can't help but feel like George always brushes off his wife's concerns.  And this wife doesn't like that!  :)  I know he's wanting to do all this stuff for God, but he also vowed before God to love and honor his wife.  Something I'm liking about his story is his reliance on God--abolishing the practice of pew renting, for example, and trusting God will provide for his needs another way.

5.)  Does anyone else get extremely angry when their child makes strategical mistakes while playing a game?  Maybe that's just me.

6.)  Today for History, we read about the bull-jumpers of Crete.  And in the corresponding children's encyclopedia depicting said leaping-over-bulls, the people were not wearing clothes.  Um, SERIOUSLY?!  No wonder most of them didn't live past the age of 20.  Yikes!

7.)  A dear, sweet friend is bringing me soup today.  I am SO excited.  I love me some soup.  So I need to go get my shower taken before she gets here.  Happy Friday!

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