Wednesday, February 09, 2011

First steps!

I'm so excited to share that a week and a half ago, little miss Mary Lu took her VERY FIRST STEPS!  Woohoo! 

It was so, so special because dear friends were over (two wonderful couples we are blessed to know).  And the 7-year-old son of one of our friends set Mary down, on her feet, and told her to walk, while my other friend (pictured above with Mary) held out her arms.  And, well, Mary walked!  SO exciting!

Mary is still so small for her age, and even though she meets all her milestones, she seems to meet them a little later than expected.  (Except for crawling, which she did incredibly early.  So weird.)  She is just wanting to soak up being a baby, I think--and that is probably not surprising considering the way she is constantly doted on by her older siblings.  :)  Anyway, it made those first solo steps that much more special I think!    

So proud of my little Mary Lu Lu!


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