Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Party time

I wanted to share some photos of sweet Anna's 7th birthday party.

It was her first drop-off birthday party--which meant lots of little girls and lots of fun.

We had candy lunch, did some crafts, played "pin the heart on the monkey", played outside, and ate cupcakes.

This little munchkin was SO excited to attend her big sister's party.  So, so sweet.

I love Anna's face in this picture.  She adores every single girl that was there that day.


I truly had a blast.  See, here I am after the party was over, quite pleased.  Because kids are so awesome, and who doesn't love a girly party?!  As you know, I nearly had to cancel because of my bronchitis, but I dragged my sick self out to Target the night before the festivities to buy out the Valentine's Day clearance section pick up the party supplies.  And as I pretty much collapsed onto the couch upon coming home, and watched Anna and Kaitlyn run around shrieking with excitement about the party the next day, I knew it was all worth it. 

We are so, so blessed with amazingly dear friends and family here in Denver.  Cousins and friends galore.  So grateful for each of these sweet girls and their place in my daughter's life.  It's good to be seven, I think!


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