Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Update on my update

Breaking news:
A friend of mine who works for our adoption agency just read my post and immediately contacted me to let me know that at least some of the paperwork is in, and the girls have been moved back to our agency's transition home, so it sounds like things are progressing.

Apparently someone was supposed to have told me a week ago, but didn't, hence my pathetic-and-sad-for-no-reason post.  (There have been some major communication issues over the past few months.  I am quite possibly about to lose my mind--a short trip, but still.  :)  )

I'm still uncertain about where we're at in terms of court, if all the necessary paperwork is in for both girls, or what it all means.  But I will definitely sleep better tonight knowing our girls are back at the transition home with their familiar nannies and things and hopefully welcome bags. 

Hang in there, sweet girls.  We're doing our best to get you home!!!


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