Friday, March 18, 2011

Beauty in the blurry

First I just want to thank you all for your sweet and encouraging comments on my prior post.  It's all sinking in a bit more and I'm also feeling slightly more hopeful that we COULD actually get these girls home before too terribly long.  Your encouragement has been such a blessing to me!

Now though it's time for some super blurry photos.

Because one recent Sunday afternoon, the kids and Kevin were playing a random game with a ball.  In the house.  Everyone was involved--including little Mary.  Especially Mary.  She LOVED it.  Lots of racing around and shouting excitedly.

I generally stay out of these sorts of crazy activities.  I avoid the fray.  But I'm not above grabbing for the camera.

The picture quality is awful, but really?

I love these shots. 

Because they capture happy, joy-filled moments of togetherness that, while happening on some level each day, aren't typically dwelt on.  I don't always take the time to think about how great it is that my kids are enjoying childhood, together, and that they want to include their baby sister in their games.

Yes there is regularly some level of bickering in my home.  Yes I occasionally want to send my children off to boarding school.  Or myself for that matter.

But most of the time, we're just together.  Happily doing random things--like chasing after a ball and then rolling it over to the baby, who squeals in delight as she chases after it.

I think I NEED to look at photos like these, to remind myself of the joys and silliness and innocence.  Because for some reason it's easier to focus on the to-do lists that aren't getting accomplished because my sinuses are killing me, or the closet that isn't getting cleaned out because it's just so overwhelming.  Or, well, the bickering. 

And so the photos make me laugh, and remind me of my purpose in all of this. 

Blurriness, imperfections and all.


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