Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Won't you join me?

ETC Conference in Denver, Colorado (April 8-9, 2011) from Tapestry on Vimeo.

If you are an adoptive parent, adoption professional, or run an adoption ministry, and live in the Denver area, I am SO excited to tell you about the upcoming Empowered to Connect conference!  April 8-9, with Karyn Purvis and Show Hope.  In Denver.

I've met Karyn and seen her speak various times, and she is WONDERFUL.  Truly wonderful.  Have you read her The Connected Child?  If not, you should.

ANYway, I think this conference is something that every adoptive parent (and anyone else involved with or curious about adoption) should experience.  I know it will be an inspiring, challenging and refreshing two days. 

And it's so extremely affordable!  SO beyond worth it.  Plus, "for a limited time, 1/2 off registrations discounts are available due to a generous grant from Focus on the Family. Simply use the code FOCUS when registering online to receive this discount."  Woohoo!  (And you thought you didn't like Focus on the Family...)

I'll be there, along with the rest of the staff at From HIV to Home.  And in spite of my oft-mentioned introversion (and, let's face it, occasional social awkwardness), I do like meeting new friends too, so if you see me please introduce yourself!  I'll be the person staring off into space as I mentally make--and re-make--my packing list, daydream about all the gelatto I'm going to consume, imagine what it's gonna be like to give those first hugs to our precious girlies, and attempt to scheme up a way to get to both Ethiopia and Italy without flying on an airplane.  Did I mention we're leaving for Africa on April 18th??!!

So...who's coming?  (To the conference, not Ethiopia.  Though of course you're more than welcome to come along--especially if you can come up with an alternative to air travel!)

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