Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Anatomical mystery

Okay friends.

I shared before about the random, uh, anatomy replica I saw hanging from the bumper of someone's pickup truck once.

And not two weeks later, I found myself driving behind yet anOTHer person who is apparently into that sort of thing. 

And so I took a picture.

Just for ya'll.

And now that you've seen it for yourself, can someone out there, pretty please, explain to me the thought process behind the matter?

I'm just flat-out confused.

Confounded, really.

Because aren't they embarrassed?

When they show up to work...to the store...to someone's home for the first time!!!...with that THING hanging from their vehicle??!!

Isn't it a little bit awkward?

"Hello, my name is Charlie.  I have a set of plastic balls on my car.  Thanks for having me to dinner."

And can you even imagine picking up a girl for a date?!

Because when you slap that baby on your car, you're pretty much guaranteed that some percentage of the female population (no less than 60% I reckon) is just plain not-a-gonna be interested once they see that thing.  No interesante.  No bueno.

"Um, you know, I forgot to tell you that I actually have my underwater basket weaving class tonight.  I'm afraid we can't go to dinner afterall."

I just really don't know.

And, I have to say I never imagined I'd be posting this sort of photograph on my blog.

We're really pretty G-rated over here at Just Showing Up.

Family friendly and all that jazz.

But I'm making an exception because this is just too strange not to share.

That this person is, well, just showing up with THAT on their bumper.

Oh the questions I have. 

So if you own one of these, or know someone who does, won't you clue me in?

 You can even post anonymously.  Though something tells me if you have one, you're pretty darn proud of it.

And I promise that tomorrow we will be back to our typical unicorns-and-rainbows, whiskers-on-kittens programming.  Might even commence with a round or two of "Kumbaya."

But today, I'm afraid it's all about the balls.  Sorry.


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