Thursday, April 07, 2011

The delightful irony of organic beef

Do you see that screenshot?  (It's a bit small, but you can click on it to view it larger.)  If you google "Costco organic beef", yours truly is the second link that comes up.  And this is just plain hysterical...because I don't really buy organic anything, unless it happens to be cheaper.  Ha!

YES I think organic is preferable for many items (including beef sold at Costco), because who WANTS to be ingesting pesticides, but it is also expensive (and we have seven mouths to feed!), and I just have not made the leap yet.  (Please don't judge.  Well, you can judge, but don't be mean, 'kay?  :) )

If you have a blog, have you discovered any strange or ironic searches readers have done?  I have to admit that while "Costco organic beef" is completely ironic and so doesn't fit me OR my blog, it's probably better than the "Poppy Seinfeld" search I also see on a regular basis!  (Thanks to my son's potty training woes.)

I'm sorry to say that whether you're here to learn about beef, or about the-chef-who-not-only-doesn't-wash-his-hands-but-also-pees-on-the-couch, well, I'm probably not much help.  But thanks for stopping by anway.  :)


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