Saturday, September 13, 2008

Remember Poppy? Yeah, he lives here.

Yosef is now potty-trained, more or less. I generally remind him to go throughout the day, he wears a diaper for naptime and bedtime, and everyone is happy. This morning though we were busy trying to clean up and move a bunch of things downstairs to the basement, and I forgot to remind him.

So he peed.

All over my white couch.

My slipcovers are currently in the wash. They needed to be washed anyway, but I've got a million loads of laundry to do today already, so it wasn't exactly a priority.


(I made Yosef help me do the know...natural consequences. Problem is...the kid loves to help and has quite a servant's heart. You would have thought I asked him to go with me to Disneyland. Oh well!)


Mike and Rachel said...

We too have been the recipient of two couch pees. They were in the same week. Ugh.

I'm so happy you guys are moving all the way in. And that Yosef has mastered the potty... mostly.

Kristen Borland said...

hee, hee. oh well. at least he helped, even if he enjoyed his consequences. :)

Joanie said...

Laughing until I practically snort. Poppy! Brilliant comparison! Still giggling, chuckling and guffawing all at once.


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