Sunday, September 07, 2008


As you all know, I am a huge Craigslist fan. I have them to thank for my Pottery Barn table, a cute vanity and sink we just bought for the kids' bathroom downstairs, and some old vintage windows that I have big plans for. I also have them (and the Gibsons) to thank for the sale of our old couches. I check it religiously and there are a few items on my list that I'm always looking for.

Yesterday I contacted someone about a sideboard/hutch and table for sale that I loved. I asked if I could come check it out. First she said yes, then she said her son (whose house it is at) was gone all day so I could come at 4 TODAY, that there were a few others interested but I was the first caller so I'd have the first chance. Okay I said. Kevin took out the carseats from the backseat of the van, so I could bring it home.

WELL, about an hour ago she called my cell phone letting me know that they sold it this morning, so nevermind. Ummmm...HELLO?! This utterly violates the code of all things good and decent. All.things.good.and.decent.

So yeah, I got totally rocked. But I guess now at least I don't have to drive down to Centennial in my ill state. I didn't want their lame-o hutch and table anyway! (Okay yeah, I did. I really, really, did. Wahhhhh!)


Kristen Borland said...

oh that's beyond lame! how frustrating. i seriously check craiglist 10 times a day right now (okay, so that number is probably higher!), waiting for the perfect bunkbed to appear. we missed out (by mere minutes) on a STEAL of a perfect bunkbed, still new in the box, for only $100. i just hate it how fast things go. if it's an hour old, it's probably sold.

there's just some sort of weird thrill to click on craigslist (or in my case hit the "refresh" button because craigslist is almost always open on my computer screen!) and have five new things pop up--even though you checked it ten minutes prior.

what did we do before craigslist?

Mike and Rachel said...

Bummer! I hate missing out on good deals. We don't Craig's List much, there just isn't much we need. My biggest bummer was buying hte letters for Ainsley's name at Targeta year and a half ago,but they were out of the y. I checked like twice a weeks and they never got any y's in. I asked if I could order it, and they said no. Then I started asking friends to check their Target store, no y's. Needless to say Target never got another y in and clearanced off their other letters. I managed to chuck the receipt before this happened. WHY? So I have never hung the letters. After all, her name isn't Ainsle! I keep telling myself I will find it someday, but alas, no. I know it's not the same thing, but reading this post brought back all the pain from the last 2 years!

Lindsey said...

hmmmmm.... that is not cool. Not cool at all. Be comforted knowing that just as God choose for you the right husband and the right children, so also does He have a divine plan for matching you with just the right table and hutch. Keep perservering!

Anonymous said...

Hi Brianna,
I found your blog off of the AAI website. My husband and I are currently on the waiting list for a baby 0-18months and we are considering adding on twins. Your blog made me smile. Your family is beautiful and I love that you are helping out AHOPE.
Take Care,

Lisa Leonard said...

that completely sucks. there will be more good deals, though!!!

BJ said...

Ack! I feel your pain! I have had that happen to me - Kijiji is the popular one in my neck of the woods, and it drives me bonkers! I've had a few people say they would contact me later in the week for a pick-up time, but I wouldn't hear from them, so after a week or so I'd email them, and they would say it already sold. Grr! I guess it's a chance to practice forgiveness....:P

Paige said...

That is terrible! Waahhh!


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