Friday, September 05, 2008


Here are some pictures (compliments of Angela) from Wednesday night's dessert. So fun! She and Marrty are leaving in a couple of days for Ethiopia so we got together at a restaurant for dessert to celebrate. I already knew Angela and Katie, and had fun getting to meet and know some other ladies a little better. (Angela has really nice friends!)

That's Angela next to me, with the yummy piece of cake.

Don't ask. But in a nutshell, a re-creation of a poem they made me read. :)
More pretend reading.


Angela said...

YaY!! So fun!! Thank you so much for coming! I had a blast, and everyone LOVED meeting you! So glad you are here!

Lindsey said...

Brianna! I'm so thrilled for you that you have a nice group of friends! That's awesome! (and you look so beautiful!)


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