Monday, September 08, 2008

I love a good auction

Yesterday was not a COMPLETE wash in snagging stuff for my house. I've loved these alphabet cards (at Land of Nod and Anthropologie) for a long time, and have wanted them for our new playroom. But after shipping they're $38, more than I cared to spend.

So I've watched for them on Ebay off and on, and FINALLY won them yesterday, brand new for about $20, INCLUDING shipping! Woohoo! (I LOVE the thrill of winning an ebay auction. I watch the time tick down and get quite excited. Have I mentioned I'm easily amused???)

I also finally bit the bullet and bought a "real" butter dish--my $1 plastic one from Albertsons, while clearly a high quality and beautiful item, has a huge crack in it. The new one I bought is jadeite, and so cute!

Can't wait for my things to arrive!!!
(Do you ever buy stuff on ebay? It's for more than just beanie babies these days. :) )


Anonymous said...

I have to temper my E-Bay addiction! I get waaay too competitive.

However, I did just buy Kyle his Halloween costume via E-Bay. I used someone's "buy it now" option which still made the final purchase cheaper then I would have paid buying it from a store.


Brianna Heldt said...

i've used ebay for some of my kids' halloween costumes also! (and i get really competitive's tempting to keep upping your bid, because let's face it, no one wants to lose! :) )

Anonymous said...

I looooove ebay. I used to sell the kids' clothes on it, but now I just seem to keep buying instead. Love the Baby Lulu line, and it's always a thrill to get it cheap! I've even resold some of what I bought and used, and got MORE for it than what I bought it for in the first place! Poorly constructed sentence, but a thrill nonetheless. :)

Shana said...

I'm pretty much an ebay junkie. Although I haven't been as much this year, since we're on "the budget". I buy mostly kid's clothing items and baby gear, but here's one that might shock you. We've bought TWO cars off ebay!

Kristen Penny said...

I'm a lurker from Owlhaven but I had to jump in because I love ebay! When my son started middle school band last month, he chose to play the baritone (like a small tuba) in the school band. The music store wanted to charge me $75 a month to rent one and $2100 to purchase a used one. So I went on ebay! I bought a brand new beautiful silver baritone for $510! It is the same exact model that the music store wanted $2100 for a used version--with tons of dents in it. I also bought a beautiful trumpet with mother of pearl buttons for $175. That same instrument cost $25 a month to rent or $1700 to purchase used. Yikes! So even if my boys only play for this school year, I'll have made up the rental cost and actually have instruments. Oh, and I also bought wii fit, which wasn't such a great deal but is so much fun to play with my four boys! Love your blog and your family!

Brianna Heldt said...

Hi Kristen, thanks for posting!

That is great about the instruments!

Isn't finding good deals fun???!!!

lindsey said...

ha! i have both of those items! the first was a gift and the butter dish was a reproduction. just a tip: be careful with it, they can chip easily with frequent use. but until someone is seriously injured by the sharp edges of my butter dish, its staying put! great job on your finds - so fun!

Brianna Heldt said...

lindsey that is too funny! hmmm i'll be on my guard w/ the butter dish. i love jadeite--i found a mixing/serving bowl at the flea market last week (the real stuff, not a reproduction) for $20. i love it!!


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