Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sleepy but encouraged!

Tiramisu, coffee, and girlfriends. Exactly what I needed last night after four weeks of barely leaving my house (or getting out of pajamas for that matter).

Then when I got home last night, I was greeted by a huge grin from my baby girl (still awake, hanging out with Daddy), and a huge hug from my husband. Who I stayed up talking to until WAY too late about life, parenting, our heart felt so encouraged. I needed that, too. (Not to mention Kevin totally cleaned up the kitchen while I was out! What a blessing!) I may be paying for the late night today, but my soul feels refreshed, and things look much brighter than they did 24 hours ago.

This afternoon I'm taking Yosef for the first part of a series of evaluations, to see where he's at in terms of cognitive development, processing, etc. While I've been dreading today's particular appointment because I see it as a waste of time (they make your child have a hearing evaluation first, and he can hear just fine), when I told Yosef about it this morning...the boy could not have been more excited. "I'm going on a date with Mommy!" he's been running around shouting. "Where are my shoes?" "I'm going to do my letters at school!" (The evaluation is at an elementary school in town.) So that has completely redeemed the outing for me. I really can't complain when I get to spend the afternoon with such a charming, handsome, enthusiastic little man!

Now if I can just muster up the energy to take a shower and put on something presentable. (And mono, if you're reading this: please do feel free to move on. We've been hanging out now for some time, and while the TV shows, pudding and soup have been fun, I think I'm ready to go my own way.)


Mike and Rachel said...

I'm so glad you felt good enough to go out last night. I love my girl time and I know how it can recharge you!

Anonymous said...

Yay for girl time! I am so glad that you had the opportunity to do that!

Dates with the babies are the best! I hope all goes well at his evaluation!


lisa said...

What a beautiful, sweet boy. His comments about having a date with you made me smile. :)

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you're kickin mono to the curb... he's not good enough for you. You deserve better. :)

Angela said... glad our time together recharged you, as it did me!!!
SO FUN!!! Just wish Jenn could've been there, too (are you reading this Jenn? We missed you!) :)
Mae and I had a date tonight. We went out to dinner... it was such sweet time with her. LOVED it! What's crazy is she had a hearing eval today, too! She loved it. It was fun for her and she had a great time raising her hand at the beeps... she beamed each time the audiologist gave her a wink and a thumbs up... so cute.
Glad you had sweet time with one of your little men!


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