Wednesday, September 03, 2008

God, the world, and dessert tonight.

Sometimes we speak to change the world. Other times, we speak to keep the world from changing us.--Shane Claiborne

This article just came out and it features two pretty amazing families. I "know" both Erin (pictured above with her rockin' family) and Julie (although both sadly only through email!!!) and these women are just wonderful. Great moms, with great families. I got to know Erin through blogging I guess, when she was first talking about bringing her daughter home from AHOPE, and got to know Julie when we were waiting to bring Yosef and Biniam home. Julie had done some evaluations on the boys at the orphanage and so graciously emailed me about them.

So naturally I was utterly shocked by some of the ugly, hateful and ignorant comments people left at the end of the article. Honestly they are not even worth reading. I hate to even give them airtime here.

BUT, one thing I CAN say about the article and comments is this: God is shaking things up. Hearts are changing and people are living like Shane Claiborne's "ordinary radicals", leaving complacency behind. And it scares people. Makes them uncomfortable. Because really, why would a family spend that kind of money, travel halfway around the world, to adopt a child? A sick child? Don't we need to care for our own first? How will this affect my healthcare premium?

All I know is, I read something like this, and the comments that follow, and I struggle with the knowledge that I don't want my heart shaped by the world, and its value system. I don't want my personal greed, fears, and prejudices to rule my life. To affect how I treat others. Instead, I want my heart transformed and my mind renewed and to love the way Jesus did, with truth and without condition. But still I struggle because it's not safe, and I don't know what it will ultimately mean, and I fall terribly short on a daily basis. I just know I want it.

People can say what they will (and, let's face it...they will.) But tonight I'm attending a wonderful friend's party as she prepares to leave for Ethiopia on Sunday, to bring her two little ones home. And we're going to celebrate their family, and the precious, God-ordained lives of her new son and daughter. Who are a living testament to God's grace and provision. Who now have a mom, a dad, a brother and a sister.

So yeah, God is working.


Anonymous said...

I too was disgusted by the hateful and ignorant comments left by readers.

As Christians, I think that this is one way we should surely stand out from the rest of the world- caring for orphans and widows, for the "least of these." This is one of those areas where having an eternal perspective is so important. It doesn't make the hate and uncomfortableness (is that a word?) go away, but it does put what it truely important and valuable into perspective- in this case these precious children.

Thank you for posting this! I think it is something so worth considering

P.S. I love Erin's blog!

Angela said...

yay!! i feel so encouraged! thank you!! i adore you and can't wait to see you tonight!

(one of those crazy people sucking away at your tax dollars to love on 2 kids from across the world)

Brianna Heldt said...

angela i would be HONORED if you would take my tax dollars. :)

can't wait to see you!!!

Brianna Heldt said...

oh and monica, i think you and keith should move to colorado! :)

Jenny said...

Great post, and I think Monica hit the nail on the head. It doesn't matter if the little ones that need parents are here in our own country or a world away, no one is more deserving than another.

Angel said...

It just hurts my heart that people attack the very people they should be loving. It's so sad. Without God people are just so yucky. Hugs, Angel

Kids Bible Craft said...

Everyone deserves a family no matter what country, race or disability. Its time people realize it and be grateful that there are people out there who care for children and have the courage and love to do so


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