Sunday, April 17, 2011

Blogging when I really shouldn't be

Leaving tomorrow.

Church today.

Packing today.

Shopping today.

I may or may not have bought out Costco for my kids and mom.  Because they'll need food while we're gone.

I also may or may not have bought my mom a bottle of wine.  Because she might need THAT while we're gone.  :)  And if you're a burglar, remember, just cheap thrift store junk and outdated electronics around these parts.  Oh, and my mom is one tough cookie.  Promise.  On both counts.

But I wanted to take a bloggy moment amidst the horribly disorganized say hello, and that I'm getting excited, and, um, that I hope I don't freak out on the airplane.

I'm planning to blog from Ethiopia, via email.  Hoping it works. 

This is feeling more real.

We're going to Ethiopia.



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