Monday, March 17, 2008

Home with your kids

Confession: sometimes I feel like my day is really, really long! Kevin is away from home for 12.5 hours on weekdays...and I occasionally find myself wondering what other at-home moms of little ones find to do all day.

What are your schedules like with your kids? I'd love to hear how you all are doing this thing we call mothering.


Angel said...

It starts flying when you start homeschooling!!!! ;0) Now I love it when we have the looong days. Hee hee... I do remember when it was just KK with preschool we seemed to have extra time. Hmmmm... We used to do a lot of zoo and children's museum and story time at the library but that was just KK. With 4 that may be ambititous. I would not presume to know. Now we have to squeeze the zoo in and we skip story time and Children's museum mostly. :0) Angel

I am Katy, said...

Most days, a whole bunch of nothing (read books, play in the yard, clean the house, etc.). Some days we go out to lunch with Papa and Gramma and then hit a store or two before heading back home. Patrick still takes 2 naps most days and after all that sleep, there really is not much left of the day anyway.

I agree, some days just seem to drag on.

Jacquelyn said...

Phillip is usually gone about 12 hrs too (though no Fridays off :( and before school started we would have different days of the week with different things to look forward to like going to the gym (2x a week), story time at the library, and going to the park which meant we would eat breakfast, free play run our errand, come home kids tidy while I made lunch, 2hrs of nap, coloring/playing tidy up for dinner while I make dinner, stories, songs, prayer, bed. While the kids play I do my household chores, maybe work on a project, cook, do laundry, that sort of stuff. I love helping them draw, we love taking walks, I'm not too great at playing games but giving myself a schedule has always helped me and the kids know what to expect, plan for it and have a framework to live around. Of course, you know how kids are, this was a VERY loosely followed routine!

Eos said...

I have a 9 year old and she goes to public school (we tried homeschooling but it didn't work for us) so:

Run around like a crazy woman early in the morning (make sure she is dressed, breakfast, teeth brushed, homework/backpack, ready, etc.)
Take her to school
Clean but mostly: write and read - read and write!LOL
Pick uf from school and help w/ homework and prepare dinner. is GREAT having all this free time (considering I worked horrible hours up until 06) but it will probably all change once we start fostering little ones...I'm enjoying it while I can!LOL

Kristen Borland said...

trying to actually be motivated to have a schedule...

LOVE the little lawn furniture!!

Rachel said...

I've hit my winter wall and need to be outside again for long periods of time. For now I am just getting angry over every little thing and trying to have time in different areas of the house to break up the day! Sorry, it has been a long day and it is only 5pm.

On good days we watch a little Sesame Street, paint or color, have dediceted playtime with a learning goal, and free playtime. I don't clean much during the week. I wait until Mike is home too.

Lisa Leonard said...

Around 4:45 I start counting the minutes until Steve gets home. Sometimes that hour feels like four hours. I am too busy generally and trying to slow down. These are the days...

rj said...

I was just telling Matt the other days are too SHORT (Though I DO remember, when it was the opposite! I think it has to do with having a baby...). I have a million things I want/have to do, and only seem to be able to get 2 done!

Our "schedule":
rise early, eat, clean up the kitchen/dress/teeth/hair/beds, and then go outside (outside time eats up the whole morning it seems, but puts ALL in a good mood: get some exercise, fresh air, feed animals, do some yard work...), then if we have time Bible story/songs/prayers/memory verse, and then if we still have time (not usually) intentional preschool work (ABCs, counting, etc.--otherwise it is worked in during the day while playing). You see where my priorities are! :)

Eat lunch/clean up the toys, and nap time. When they wake up, we make dinner (the girls and I) or they play inside. If Matt is home late, we take a walk or go jump on the trampoline!! Clean up toys again, book reading, prayers, early bed time. for a schedule, hmmm, it is hard, but not as hard as not having ANY plan (this is what I am finding out). The above mentioned "schedule" is very flexible for us (there are days when we do NONE of it!). I also have to clean inside sometimes too, so that has to be worked in!

I have been asking God for a long time to show me how to be more "balanced" and not so extreme (mega house cleaning sprees one week, to doing NOTHING the next). He has really helped nail down priorities (everyone's are different!) and incorporate Matt's wishes into our schedule. So far, so good (on good days, that is!!).
Good luck, B, you can do it (ask Kevin what he thinks too! Matt has been really helpful with this).


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