Monday, March 10, 2008


Back when I used to work in a California legislator's office, the mailman would bring the mail inside to us daily. Every day I'd ask how he was, and every single Monday, without fail, he'd answer, "Not bad, for a Monday!"

For some reason Mondays just "feel" weird to me! I always seem to be a little out of sorts--the weekend's over, Kevin's back at work, I'm maybe a little in denial about the week starting up again. I have a hard time getting motivated.

So what are your Mondays like? So far today I've cleaned out my fridge, unloaded (and reloaded) the dishwasher, made the kids breakfast, gotten them ready for the day, and figured out dinner for tonight, shredded BBQ pork sandwiches...but not a whole lot else. I think we'll play outside a bit and maybe walk to the park, and I have plenty of laundry to keep me busy--if I can just get going!

Happy Monday!


Angela said...

Well, as far as Mondays go...this was a GREAT ONE!! We finished our homestudy appointments!! Woo hoo!!!

Rachel said...

that sounds like a pretty busy Monday to me. I have playgroup on Monday and it makes me get an early start. I always hate it when Mike has an early appointment on Monday, I need an extra bit of cozy time on Monday mornings myself, whether it is drinking a leisurly cup of coffee or just hanging out for a bit as a family in the morning.

Shana said...

Mondays are recover-from-the-weekend days and deep-clean days around here. I usually do as many loads of laundry as possible, bathe the kids, clean the bathrooms, clean the kitchen, vacuum and try to get in a workout on the treamill. It's been an extra-productive Monday if I am out of my jammies before 2:00 PM. :)

shell said...

i meet with some ladies at 6am on monday mornings, so it is actually one of my favorite and most productive days of the week!! I know, sounds crazy, but meeting with ladies that are super encouraging and focused on Christ-nothing better!

Lara said...

Oh man! I had such a hard time getting going this morning. I totally know what you mean about having to adjust back to the week day schedule.
It was so good to see you this weekend. Thank you so much!!!

Jacquelyn said...

I love mondays!!! I feel like it is a fresh start and if at all possible I don't go anywhere (after a busy weekend, I need the break!). I do my "big cleaning", feel motivated to organize and improve one area of the house and enjoy that on Mondays the kids seem to play together better than any other day of the week. The day I hate is Friday b/c by then I'm tired and it is my other big cleaning day.


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