Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Heldt Family Clinic :)

They're twins, but oh my goodness, they could not be more different. They are so the odd couple. One is focused, task-oriented, mellow and neat. The other is quirky, flamboyant, outgoing and messy. It's rather entertaining.

Being a mother is really quite fascinating. Sometimes it feels like we have a research clinic where we study things like sibling relationships and family dynamics. I have two sets of biological siblings and neither set is alike--my daughters have very different personalities from one another as well, which was evident from birth.

The great thing is, everyone has a niche in our little family and we really do seek to affirm each individual personality. It can get tricky figuring out how to parent and discipline different types of kids, but it's also super rewarding and a beautiful picture of how God made each of us unique. Not to mention, I get to know and hang out with four very special people!


Angela H said...

Very cute kiddos there Brianna! I can't wait to see one more little Heldt in the mix (and hopefully more after that if the Lord wills it). I can totally relate to what you are saying about the different personalities. Our kids are polar opposites from one another. I can't wait to see what little personalities God brings us in the future! How beautiful it is to see God's plans unfold right in front of our eyes!

Angela H.

joannanoel said...

It is a challenge figuring out how to parent different personalities. But, it is a lot of fun, too. Believe me, I'm glad to have different temperaments in all my children! Miss you guys--love the pics of the kids.

Thankfulmom said...

This is so true. We have many different personalities in our family. Some are techy, some are artsy. Some into science, others into writing. Athletes, computer wizards, business-types, writers; we are excited to watch our children grow. Despite all of the differences, there aren't many introverts among us!

Mike and Rachel said...

I'm reading an interesting book on family bonds and the relationships between the different members. I'm really enjoying it. maybe this is the missing link in the relationship between me and my spitting image!


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