Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"Twilight" at last

So I FINALLY saw the movie Twilight. It was fun to watch, though I couldn't take the scenes seriously where Edward was zooming around through the forest etc. (Couldn't take those scenes seriously in the books either's probably no surprise that I'm not a big fan of the fantasy genre.) The funny thing is, I actually liked the movie Edward better than the book Edward. I know, I know, that is probably weird. But the movie version was kind of awkward and even on occasion funny, and the book version was just too cheesy/serious for me to handle. I liked Bella in the book way better than in the movie though.

That's my movie review for the day. I have an ultrasound tomorrow so I'll get to see my baby girl again. By the way she's been kicking and thumping around, I'd say she's grown some in the last 4 weeks!


Mike and Rachel said...

Sadly, I do own Twilight the movie, but I like book Edward and Bella way better than the movie versions. I loved Jacob though and am really looking forward to New Moon. Your little one will most likely be too little for you to go to the November premier with me, but maybe you can go to the June premier of Eclipse!

joy said...

"you're my own personal brand of heroine." ahhhh--that line makes me swoon every time. ;) ha ha. i couldn't keep from laughing when he said that. but i did love the scene when edward first sees bella. i thought he did a great job of looking like he was going to puke.

Angela said...

So funny: I just got Twilight from netflix in the mail today! (Again. Yes... I wanted to see it again!)
Not that you asked, but... I still don't like movie Edward.
Liked movie Bella okay...
Did like movie Jacob...
but loved them all in the books much much more.
Still friends, right? :)
Can't wait to hear all about your u/s tomorrow! Praying for you and baby girlie. :)


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