Monday, June 08, 2009

Pregnancy reflections, whining etc.

I'm so tired of hormones. They drive me C R A Z Y.

I get so tired in the afternoons. And feel so grumpy.

And I'm TIRED of feeling tired and grumpy.

I'm craving alcoholic beverages like it's nobody's business. Someone was talking about rum punch on Sunday and I nearly started drooling. I can't stop thinking about margaritas. Or pina coladas. Or midori sours. Even BEER sounds good...and I HATE beer!

My abdomen is growing--and so is the rest of me. Why does everyone else look cute when they're pregnant but I just feel like a big blob of flab?

Dinner doesn't appeal to me AT ALL. I'm hungry for breakfast. And lunch. But come dinnertime, I don't want food. I hate that.

I've had horrible heartburn/indigestion with this pregnancy. My prenatal vitamins make me nauseous.

On the flip side, I love feeling my baby girl thumping around in there. I love thinking about who God made her to be, and how precious she already is to our family and to God.

I am feeling more at peace about this pregnancy and the ultrasound findings from a couple of weeks ago. The odds are overwhelmingly in favor of the baby being fine. But above all I know that this is the daughter God is giving us. Whoever she is, however she enters the world, she's our daughter and is just the way she ought to be. I love her already.

So yes I'm horribly grouchy, overly emotional and ridiculously tired. But I am experiencing joy nonetheless. And everytime I feel those kicks and punches I'm reminded of the strong baby girl God is bringing into this world and into our lives. (And wondering how long it'll be before one of those kicks causes me to pee my pants. Probably not long.)

So ultimately life is good.

And It'll be even better when Kevin gets home with Chinese takeout.


joy said...

You're so funny, Brianna! Yay for Chinese food. Sorry about the grumps and the fatigue--that is the hard thing about pregnancy. I love that her little kicks are strong--it's so reassuring. Hope you're on the upswing soon. Miss you.

Shana said...

You crack me up! And I can relate to the alcohol cravings. I was a little loose with the rules last time I was pregnant, and drank small glasses of wine here and there. I mean, there's got to be something to say for a relaxed Momma, right?

Mommy Laity said...

Oh man, I am right there with you. Well, not the pregnancy, but the hatred of unbalanced hormones and being tired of being tired.
What a funny craving to have, and you barely ever drink. =)

this is us said...


You are an ADORABLE pregnant mommy! VERY stinking cute! Don't let those hormones tell you anything else!

Brianna Heldt said...

Oh I WISH it had been Hoong's!!! There's a place a bit closer to us that is $1.35 a scoop so we thought we'd try it...the scoops were WAY smaller than Hoong's and the food wasn't as good.

So we will now be faithful Hoong's patrons from here on out!!!

Angela said...

Oh Brianna! Agreeing with Jenn...You are STINKIN' cute preggers! Perhaps the cutest pregnant girl I have EVER seen. Not kidding. Seriously. Adorable!

As for the alcohol cravings... virgin pina colada? ;)

Love you. Loved seeing you today. So glad you are feeling at peace. Continuing to pray for your sweet girl! Can't wait to meet her! :)


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