Friday, June 12, 2009

Yesterevening's events

--Participated in a wonderful webinar put on by From HIV to Home. If you are at all curious about the adoption of HIV+ children, I'd really encourage you to sign up for the next one. It's done through the phone and computer, and you get to feel really important, like you're on a business conference call. (Okay maybe that's just me.) Jennifer does an amazing job and it's super-informative. Kevin and I both participated.

--During said webinar, we put on a video for the kids in our bedroom. We'd taped "Extreme Home Makeover" (a favorite of theirs, even though they never watch it) a few weeks ago and they hadn't seen it yet. Sometime near the end of the webinar I asked Kevin to go check on the kids since they seemed awfully quiet. Turns out the makeover show we'd taped had just ended and they were watching whatever TV show had come on after that. Which included soldiers shooting people in Africa over some diamonds. Wow. What can I say? GREAT parenting. They were totally unfazed by it, but we felt HORRIBLE. I don't even like my kids watching cartoons where people fight, much less dramas with people getting shot in the head. I guess now they know the grim realities of diamond mining. OR they think that some really bad stuff went down after the makeover.

--A former classmate of Kevin's competed on Jeopardy last night (and lost.) In fact, it's the same guy who narrowly beat out Kevin for 8th grade valedictorian--I guess he had a couple more A+'s than my husband. Crazy overachievers. (Does anyone else miss Ken on Jeopardy? He was awesome.)

--Alllllll evening I was craving ice cream. And m&ms. And Mike and Ike's. Sadly, we had none of the above. Kevin had taped the basketball game and was up late watching it while I was reading, and sweet man that he is, went to the store at 11pm to get me my butter pecan and candy! He's a good guy, that Kevin.

--So I'm reading an amazing book, God Grew Tired of Us, by one of the "lost boys" of Sudan. And loving it. It's excellent and I really recommend the read. There's also a documentary by the same name, that we've seen the first half of, and will be finishing up soon. Super compelling and heartbreaking, but what an amazing testament to God's provision and the tenacity of the human spirit.

--Yosef peed in his bed. Darn! He'd not had any accidents in a long time, but this morning he and his bed were rather wet. I need to get his bedding washed before I leave tonight.

Okay that's all. I'm really looking forward to the retreat this weekend, but I have a bunch of stuff to get done first. Starting with getting my kids settled for naps! Happy Friday!


Mommy Laity said...

Ooo, I definitely want to read that book. I've seen a documentary about the Lost Boys (don't know if it's the same one you're watching), and loved it. Darin really considered working with refugees after seeing that.

And yep, I Ken was awesome. I haven't really watched jeopardy since then. =)

JaneeNoel said...

Who was your husband's classmate?? Ryan and I love Jeopardy and DVR every new episode to watch together after the kids go to bed. Just call us prematurely senior citizens. =) I haven't watched last night's episode yet because Ryan was away, so we'll watch it together tonight.

Joanie said...

We have also had some disturbing TV moments - like when my dvr switches to Law & Order when I'm out of the room. Wha???

It was supposed to be Caillou, I promise!

this is us said...

Hate to admit it but I laugh out loud everytime I read "or they think some really bad stuff went down after the makeover." I've read it repeatedly for the laughter inducing effect. Read it out loud to Greg last night and made him laugh too. :) I'm sure they've already forgotten it or tucked it safely away for a good therapy session one day.


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