Thursday, June 18, 2009

Proud mama

So I'm so, so excited for Anna. I picked up some Kindergarten curriculum yesterday, that we get to have on loan/use through the school she'll be attending one day per week next year.

Included in the curriculum are some readers, at Kindergarten level. (Anna begins Kindergarten in the fall.) Today I pulled them out and she wanted to read them. And blew through all of them. And comprehended the point of the stories. Yes, all of them. She's never attended a day of preschool in her life and she's doing SO WELL with her reading.

Anyway, I'm feeling encouraged in some of the choices we've made. I've had people nearly pass out when I told them my kids don't do preschool. And don't get me wrong, I don't think academics or intelligence are the point of life or the end-all/be-all, it's just exciting to see my daughter thriving, and thriving in a life that primarily revolves around home and family.

I've definitely been AWOL this week, thanks to a malfunctioning computer--and VBS. I now have even more respect for all the public schooling parents out there. Because the pick-ups and drop-offs and early mornings every single day with four kids still in carseats is exhausting. I'm dead serious. The kids are having a blast though and I'm looking forward to the VBS open house and lunch tomorrow. Then we get to go to a birthday party in the afternoon and see good friends.

I had a blast on my retreat, I didn't feel the need to tap my forehead once, and I came away with some new friends. Apparently I AM still capable of being sociable and personable when I have to be! :)

(And now I'll leave you with what I currently hear Kaitlyn singing from her bed: "Barack Brianna, Barack Brianna..." That's one I hadn't heard before!)


Joanie said...

That's awesome! It's because of those Bob books, which we just got with your tip from last year in mind. They're great!

(Truthfully, the credit goes to you for reading with your kids, working with them, and letting all five snuggle in your lap - that's where reading really begins.)

Rock on!

Joanie said...

Oh my word, I'm commending you on the literacy of your children and part of my comment is unreadable. Insane. Anyhoo, thanks for the great tip on the Bob books!

Cat and Mark said...

That's wonderful! Reading opens so many doors. :)

Luke said...

That is very impressive!


Angela said...

Very cool! ;) Go Anna!

And... Go Barack Brianna... HA! That is so funny!

And, yes. We can still be friends. I was only like that with the first pregnancy, and look how well it worked for me...NOT. ;)

adventures north said...

Don't let people guilt you AT ALL about your choices. We didn't do preschool, either, and homeschooled for a year. My kids have been in public school for the past 2 and they're at the top of their classes and at the top of the national percentiles for math & reading (not that that matters to h/s'ers (-: ) They also have had no social scars as a result. That little guy is so going to preschool next year. He's been begging to go with his older sibs for the past year but hasn't been old enough. I'm sure it will be a very positive experience, too. They're all different - you're the mom, you know what to do (-:


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