Friday, June 05, 2009

Homemaking = hazardous to your health

Is anyone else a complete and utter klutz when they're pregnant? Or just in general? I am totally uncoordinated, but when I'm pregnant, it gets worse. Today I TRIPPED AND FELL. In my own home. (Not to worry, the baby is fine. So is my pride for that matter, because I just don't take myself too seriously and have had my share of spills over the years. Many of them in public. I'm usually the first one to laugh.)

Anyway I was vacuuming the boys' room this morning and went to move a rocking horse...tripping over the vacuum...and falling. Yosef saw it happen and didn't even laugh--he just said, "I've got it, Mom!" and came over, grabbed the horse, and moved it for me. I love his sweet heart!

I also had an incident with bacon grease (ewwwwwww) this morning, which splattered on me and hurt some sensitive areas. I am so not joking. I now don't recommend making breakfast in a flimsy spaghetti-strap pj shirt and sweats. It may be TMI, but people, it hurt.

I DID have a great time at the park with good friends, we got home and my nappers napped while my non-nappers played outside. Now everyone's awake, there's a diaper to change, Kevin's on his way home, and I need to finish vacuuming the playroom and our bedroom. I'm looking forward to a quiet evening at home, and my monthly trek to the flea market tomorrow. (Okay not such a big trek, it's just down in Littleton.)

They say life as an at-home mom can be dull, but I don't know, there's been a little too much adventure around here for one day! At least it gives me something to blog about?


Jeannett Gibson said...

Okay, i love this. first, i have to say that i envy yosef's heart...i would have totally busted up laughing at you!!! it's terrible, but true. second, i know what you mean about spaghetti strap tops...different scenario, but i was wearing one once while a friend and i were at the shooting range...let's just say that bullet shells are REALLY REALLY hot and do in fact leave a burn mark if they fall into certain places. ugh.

Mommy Laity said...

Ha! I'm with Jeannett, I would have laughed too. Maybe because you're pregnant I would have been concerned first, but then once we were sure you were okay I would have been laughing hard.
Have you guys ever seen that show "Wipe-Out"? I've only seen it once, but I usually bust up laughing even just with the trailers. Why is it so funny to watch people eat it? =) ...and hear about people getting burn in "sensitive areas" by hot shot gun shells. What?! =) Hee, Hee...

Mama Mote said...

Glad you're okay. And you, too, Jeannett. I just fell a couple of weeks ago and injured my rib (either tore cartilage or fractured the rib - doc said treatment the same, so no x-ray). It's finally feeling better...not so painful every time I move around. I don't recall anyone laughing though. Maybe you don't laugh at old people falling for no reason (well, I sort of twisted my ankle). Or they were laughing inside. At least they helped me up - my daughter and husband.

Brianna Heldt said...

jeannett HA! oh that does sound painful!

i ALWAYS laugh at people falling down. i have no clue why, but i do. i think that show "wipe out" might be right up my alley!!

Kristen Borland said...

oh yikes!


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