Monday, June 29, 2009

Tribute to MJ--and the Lincoln Towncar

I know everyone is posting about Michael Jackson right now.

But I have to share this story.

Because Michael Jackson and I have a special connection.

Back in 2005, he was on trial in Santa Maria for allegedly doing some bad stuff. Which is where we lived. And one sunny day in June, the verdict was about to be read.

I happened to be on my way somewhere with my sweet little Anna. In our 1988 Lincoln Towncar. (You can read about one of our adventures here, and about her demise here.) And we exited the highway onto Main Street.

There were helicopters circling above me. People coming outside of various businesses and watching the street. Fans running past my car with signs. I couldn't figure out why.

Then I looked in my rearview mirror. And there was Michael. And his entire motorcade.

They'd been driving right behind me alllllllllll down Main Street, and continued to do so until they turned onto Miller, at the courthouse.

That's right, my Lincoln Towncar was part of the procession. Someone saw it on the news. It was hard to miss.

After they turned onto Miller, I parked at the mall and me and Anna found a spot outside the courthouse to observe the mayhem. Like tourists.

We saw all the Jacksons exiting, the releasing of the doves, and the cheering fans. Big doings for sleepy Santa Maria. (Which one should not underestimate--it's home to strawberries and Tri-Tip.)

So that will always be my big MJ memory. I loved his music of course, but I'll ultimately always associate him with my looking in my rearview mirror and with people running next to my car cheering. (I bet that he wished he was riding in the roomy Towncar, as opposed to his big black SUV.)

Both legends from the 1980s. Both gone now.

RIP Michael Jackson.

RIP Lincoln Towncar.

In all seriousness I was really sad to hear of Michael's death. He was so broken and while I believe he longed for peace, I don't think he ever found it here on earth. I really do hope he has found it now.


Kristen said...

i saw it! i totally remembering seeing it on the news and thinking, wouldn't that be cool to be that person at the front of the procession. and then i remember when i found out it was you, and i was so, so proud to call you my friend.

ohhhhh, been meaning to tell you we HAVE to hit up the LA morgue one of these days. mike saw a little clip about it (in the "come visit LA" clip on an airplane), and they have a hidden (yes, HIDDEN) gift shop. Seriously! you can buy body bags and crime tape and all sorts of wonders. when he told me (and he also told me how to find it--it's only labeled with a room number--how sweet is that?!), i said, "now THAT is some place i absolutely have to go with brianna!"


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