Friday, August 21, 2009

Fair time

A couple of weeks ago we made the trek down to the Douglas County Fair. The thing you have to know about me is, I love fairs. I grew up going every single summer to the California Mid-State Fair, and a perhaps little-known fact about me is that I was in 4-H and FFA. From the time I was 11 I always had a livestock project there (I had a dairy cow, sheep, and pigs. You may also not have known that I entered college as an Agricultural Business major. Ah, good times--it took me about half a quarter to realize I should have majored in Psychology like I'd always wanted to).

Anyway, we had a blast. First we ate lunch (that we smuggled in) while we watched the rodeo. That was Biniam's favorite part--he said he wanted to be a cowboy.
Then we headed over to the carnival where the kids opted to ride the "Dragon Wagon." Anna loved it (it was her favorite part of the day), Yosef and Biniam weren't quite as sure, and Kaitlyn was a bit nervous. (Of course it was a year and a half ago that Anna rode the Mattherhorn Bobsleds at Disneyland and LOVED them, so the "Dragon Wagon" was nothing. She takes after her dad--I detest rollercoasters.)

After that the kids wanted to stand and watch the horses for awhile. This was Yosef's favorite part.

Then it was off to the barns to visit the animals. The kids loved getting to see and pet the sheep, a cow, and the pigs. They also saw chickens and turkeys.

We topped the day off with playing on the playground and sharing a funnelcake. I really do love the fair and while this one was quite a bit smaller than the CA Mid-State Fair, it was great just the same. Hoping someday my own kids get to enter something or other and win a prize!


Anonymous said...

Sounds fun! Except for the rodeo...seems such a cruel "sport" & honestly, I wish they would do away with it!


joy said...

Ahhhh....funnelcake. Building memories--I love it!

Joanie said...

Wow! What a fun day. (Great photo ops and quote ops too!)


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