Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Times they are a'changin'

So in case you didn't know, my oldest daughter is starting Kindergarten in less than 2 weeks. (I think I'm in serious denial.)

We're homeschooling, and she will additionally attend Kindergarten one full-day per week at a school for homeschooled kids.

So she needs a backpack.

At the three stores I had to scour to obtain the school supplies on the school's list (note to self: buy early next time because apparently there's a pink eraser shortage in Denver), we checked out the backpacks. And found lots of Hannah Montana. And High School Musical. Ugh.

What on earth ever happened to sweet, cute little-girl backpacks??? With pink on them, and withOUT commercialized characters that in my opinion aren't really for 5-year-olds? Whatever happened to Hello Kitty and the Popples?! Or, you know, just the color pink????

Maybe I'm getting grouchy in my old age (okay I'm TOTALLY getting grouchy in my old age), but I'm so not into all that. Kids need to be kids. So my daughter will be wearing a pastel pink backpack with an embroidered butterfly on it, that in my opinion was overpriced (like every other backpack for sale). But I guess at least it doesn't have some teenager's face plastered all over it! (In Target's defense, however, when I look online, they DO have a bunch of Dora and Hello Kitty and Disney princess backpacks for sale. The store didn't though, not to mention that I don't know how long my kid will like all that so I prefer something more plain. Don't these stores know they should be catering to ME?! :) )

I'll share more about what we'll be doing this year for school soon. I promise. But first I need to go procure those darn pink erasers!!!


The Hattons... said...

We're homeschooling too. It feels like moments away and I haven't decided on the curriculum to use yet. What did you end up going with? And how did you find a kindergarten class for homeschool kids. Sadly, nothing here like that. Please email

Joanie said...

That's right, Sister. We do not need teenage inspired back packs, thank you very much.

Mike and Rachel said...

we still need a lunch box and I am hoping I didn't miss all the sales. Oh, and I am sure you will be shocked, but AJ has a princess backpack. She needed it last year for Bible Study and she also uses it as her carry on when we travel. We have definitely gotten our $7 worth.

jenny said...

Ha! I laughed during this post. Totally feel the same way about those teenage girls...
What happened to the Care Bear and My Little Pony backpacks?? I those til' I was like 12!

shell said...

we ended up buying anna one from llbean, it was on clearance for $5!! Light blue w/butteflies. I agree, none of my kids have character bags. Good luck with school! :)

Meg said...

if you find you need to replace this backpack- check llbean- they are a little bit pricey but they last- for years! and also have a lifetime warranty- my husband got one in highschool (he graduated in 1988) and recently sent it back and they repaired it- for FREE! and if they couldn't repair it they'd replace worth the money and they don't do Hannah Montana.....and neither do I! good luck!

chloeadele said...

no kidding! i was so proud of Gillian when SHE chose a pink and purple backpack which was actually fairly inexpensive that had butterflies and birds on it. not a hint of silly characters. which is why i think it was on the cheaper side.

what are you using for your schooling? i homeschooled for a year and figured out that my kids wouldn't graduate until they were 50 years old at the pace i was setting! good for you!!!


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