Friday, August 28, 2009

Wonderful friends

We were so, so excited to have our dear friends Travis and Kate and their sweet girls Suzannah, Charlotte and Elizabeth come and spend the night with us in July on their way from California to Minnesota!!!! We had such a wonderful time, my kids were utterly CRUSHED when they left (we were too!), and I am reminded of what a blessing it is to have such sweet friends with such great hearts. We went out to pizza, ate ice cream, played cards, and talked long into the night. There's nothing like good, deep conversation!!! (Not to mention they brought a bag of goodies from Trader Joes!)

Anna fell in LOVE with Suzannah right when they got here. She's still talking about her!

The whole group!
Isn't Elizabeth precious??? (Biniam loves babies.)

Trampoline fun.

Sleepover time! (Sadly this didn't last, since no one was actually "sleeping"...but it makes for a cute picture nevertheless!)

Anna loved rocking Elizabeth (though Elizabeth was not so sure!)

What a treat it was to get to spend some good time with the Hassons. We felt so encouraged and I really do wish we lived closer!!!!!


Joanie said...

Yes, I was so jealous when I found out they got to see you. Yes, I know jealousy is wrong. I only point it out to let you know you are missed. (And I'm happy for you and the Hassons, of course!)

Brianna Heldt said...

Oh Joanie you are too, too sweet. I really miss you! (And if you're ever passing through, be sure to stop by!!! :) )

Kristen said...


Kate said... We loved being with you too and are also sorry to be so far away. I keep thinking of our convo and am still encouraged by your and kevin's wisdom. Thanks for sharing your lives with us. Hope to see you soon, maybe christmas since you'll be making the big drive in just one day?! :)

Mama Mote said...

If you see some of my comments, I think I say I'm jealous a lot. How fun, though, that you could all get together like you did. That's a lot of kids. So nice they all got along so well, too.


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